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Alan Judd is a British author known for his thought-provoking and insightful exploration of themes such as espionage, political intrigue, and military history. He has written a number of books that have garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated readership.

Alan Judd Books in Order

  1. The Kaiser’s Last Kiss
  2. The Devil’s Own Work
  3. A Breed of Heroes
  4. Legacy
  5. Dancing with Eva
  6. A Fine Madness
  7. Uncommon Enemy
  8. Deep Blue
  9. Inside Enemy (Charles Thoroughgood, #4)
  10. Accidental Agent

Overview of Alan Judd Books in Order

The Kaiser’s Last Kiss

“The Kaiser’s Last Kiss” is a historical novel set in the final days of World War II. The story revolves around the last days of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the former German Emperor, who has been living in exile in the Netherlands. As the war comes to a close, the Kaiser finds himself in a precarious position, with the occupying forces closing in on him. The novel explores the complex dynamics of power, loyalty, and morality as the Kaiser grapples with his past and the uncertain future that lies ahead.

Against this backdrop, the story follows the Kaiser’s interactions with a young German officer assigned to his security detail. As the officer becomes increasingly involved in the Kaiser’s affairs, he finds himself drawn into a web of political intrigue and personal conflict. The novel delves into the complexities of their relationship and the choices they must make as they confront the challenges of the changing world around them.

Throughout the novel, the author skillfully weaves together historical events and fictional elements to create a compelling and immersive narrative. The novel offers a captivating glimpse into a little-explored period of history, shedding light on the lives of its central characters and the tumultuous times in which they lived. Ultimately, “The Kaiser’s Last Kiss” is a thought-provoking and engaging read that offers a rich and nuanced portrayal of its characters and the historical period in which they lived.

The Devil’s Own Work

“The Devil’s Own Work” by Alan Judd is a nuanced exploration of the Faustian theme, set in the world of publishing and literature. The novel follows the protagonist, Martin, as he is drawn into a corrupt bargain with a mysterious and manipulative author, James, who seems to possess an otherworldly power. As Martin becomes more involved in James’s life and work, he begins to experience a series of strange and disturbing events, and finds himself questioning his own morality and sanity.

Judd’s novel delves deep into the themes of ambition, power, and the price of success. The story unfolds in a gripping and suspenseful manner, as Martin grapples with the consequences of his pact with James and the impact it has on his personal and professional life. The characters are richly developed, and the novel offers a thought-provoking exploration of the darker aspects of human nature.

Through its captivating narrative and thought-provoking themes, “The Devil’s Own Work” offers a compelling and chilling portrayal of the seductive allure of power and the moral dilemmas it can engender. Judd’s writing is elegant and evocative, drawing the reader into a world that is at once familiar and unsettling. The novel is a gripping exploration of the Faustian narrative, and a powerful reflection on the nature of ambition and the choices we make in pursuit of success.

A Breed of Heroes

“A Breed of Heroes” by Alan Judd is a novel that follows the story of a young British officer, Harry Summer, who is deployed to Northern Ireland during the height of The Troubles. As he navigates through the complexities and challenges of his role, he becomes embroiled in the moral and political dilemmas of the conflict. The novel delves deep into the psychological impact of war on individuals, as Harry grapples with conflicting loyalties, personal relationships, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Set against the backdrop of the turmoil in Northern Ireland, the novel explores the themes of duty, honor, and the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military. It offers a nuanced portrayal of the human experience in times of conflict, shedding light on the internal struggles of soldiers and the intricate dynamics of war. Judd’s writing skillfully captures the tension and emotional turmoil of the characters, immersing the reader in the raw and unfiltered experience of war.

“A Breed of Heroes” is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the moral complexities that arise during wartime. Through the lens of Harry Summer’s journey, the novel challenges readers to confront the realities of war and the myriad shades of gray that often define it. Judd’s poignant storytelling and rich character development make this book a powerful and resonant examination of the human cost of conflict.


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Dancing with Eva

“Dancing with Eva” by Alan Judd is a gripping historical thriller set during the Cold War. The story follows Adam, a British intelligence officer who is sent on a mission to East Germany. There, he becomes entangled in a dangerous web of espionage, romance, and political intrigue. As he navigates the perilous world of double agents and covert operations, Adam must confront his own moral dilemmas and the complexities of loyalty and betrayal.

The novel is rich in historical detail and paints a vivid portrait of the tense atmosphere of the Cold War era. Judd’s writing is precise and evocative, creating a sense of palpable tension and suspense. The character of Eva, a mysterious woman with ties to both East and West, adds an extra layer of complexity to the story, as Adam finds himself drawn to her despite the risks.

“Dancing with Eva” is a compelling and intricately plotted novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Judd’s masterful storytelling and nuanced character development make for a captivating read that offers a fresh perspective on a tumultuous period in history.

A Fine Madness

“A Fine Madness” by Alan Judd is a spy thriller set during the Cold War era. The protagonist, Charles Thoroughgood, is a young British intelligence officer working for MI6. He is tasked with investigating a Soviet spy ring in London, and as he delves deeper into the case, he finds himself becoming increasingly entangled in a web of lies, betrayal, and political intrigue. As Charles navigates the dangerous world of espionage, he must grapple with his own moral compass and confront the ethical dilemmas that come with his profession.

The novel offers a gripping and realistic portrayal of the complexities of Cold War espionage, and it delves into the psychological and emotional toll that such a high-stakes profession can take on its practitioners. The story is filled with tension, suspense, and unexpected plot twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they follow Charles’s journey through the murky world of spying. Judd’s writing is sharp and evocative, drawing readers into the story and making them feel as though they are right alongside Charles as he navigates the treacherous waters of espionage.

“A Fine Madness” is a compelling and thought-provoking novel that offers a nuanced exploration of the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by intelligence officers during the Cold War. Alan Judd’s expertise in the world of espionage shines through in the novel’s detailed and authentic portrayal of the intelligence community, and his skillful storytelling keeps readers engaged from beginning to end. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and insightful commentary on the nature of espionage, “A Fine Madness” is a must-read for fans of the spy thriller genre.

Uncommon Enemy

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Deep Blue

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Inside Enemy (Charles Thoroughgood, #4)

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Accidental Agent

“Accidental Agent” tells the story of Charles Thoroughgood, a British intelligence officer whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is sent on a mission to Iran. Despite being warned that the mission is dangerous and likely to fail, Thoroughgood accepts the assignment and soon finds himself caught in a web of complex political intrigue. As he navigates the treacherous world of espionage, Thoroughgood must confront his own moral and ethical dilemmas while striving to accomplish his mission.

Author Alan Judd masterfully weaves a tale of espionage and political intrigue, drawing readers into the shadowy world of espionage and international diplomacy. The novel explores the inner workings of intelligence agencies and the personal sacrifices made by those who serve in the field. Judd’s writing is taut and suspenseful, with vivid descriptions of the exotic locales and dangerous situations in which Thoroughgood finds himself.

“Accidental Agent” is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that delves into the complexities of modern espionage and the personal toll it takes on the individuals involved. Alan Judd’s expert knowledge of the intelligence world and his skillful storytelling make this novel a must-read for fans of espionage fiction.

Biography Alan Judd

Alan Judd, also known as Alan Edwin Petty, was born in 1946 and has had a diverse career. After graduating from Oxford University, he served as a British Army officer in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ before joining the Foreign Office. Currently working as a security analyst, Judd also regularly writes articles for various publications, including The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator, where he serves as a motoring correspondent. His literary works span both fiction and non-fiction genres, with his novels often drawing on his military background. Judd resides in Sussex with his wife and daughter.

Author Alan Judd

In conclusion, Alan Judd’s books offer a captivating exploration of the complexities of human nature, delving into the murky world of espionage, politics, and family dynamics. Through his compelling storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, Judd skillfully weaves together richly layered narratives that challenge readers to confront the darker aspects of power, ambition, and morality. His work serves as a thought-provoking reflection on the consequences of personal and political ideologies, and the blurred lines between loyalty and betrayal in the pursuit of individual and national interests. Judd’s body of work ultimately underscores the enduring relevance of ethical considerations and the unpredictable nature of human behavior, leaving readers with a deep and lasting impression of the enduring impact of ideological convictions.

FAQs about author Alan Judd

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