Amy Knupp books in order – The Complete List June 2024

Amy Knupp is an author known for writing heartwarming and emotional romance novels. She has written over 30 books, many of which have been bestsellers. Her stories often focus on themes of love, family, and second chances. With her engaging writing style and relatable characters, Amy Knupp has captivated readers all around the world.

Amy Knupp Books in Order

  1. True North (North Brothers #1)
  2. Playing with Fire (Texas Firefighters/Island Fire, #1)
  3. Heat of the Night (Island Fire #2)
  4. True Hero (North Brothers, #5)
  5. True Blue (North Brothers, #3)
  6. Sweet Spot (Hale Street, #2)
  7. True Colors (North Brothers, #2)
  8. Fully Involved (Island Fire, #3)
  9. Up in Flames (Island Fire, #6)
  10. Sparked: Island Fire Books 1-3 (Island Fire, #1-3)

Overview of Amy Knupp Books in Order

True North (North Brothers #1)

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Playing with Fire (Texas Firefighters/Island Fire, #1)

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Heat of the Night (Island Fire #2)

“Heat of the Night” is the second book in the Island Fire series by Amy Knupp. The story follows the romance and drama between two main characters, Kate and Noah, as they navigate their complicated relationship. Kate has always had feelings for Noah but has kept them hidden, while Noah has been dealing with past trauma that has affected his ability to trust and love. As they spend time together on a work assignment, their passion ignites, but they must confront their fears and insecurities to make their romance work.

The book delves into the complexities of love and relationships, as Kate and Noah struggle with their own personal issues while trying to build a future together. As they face obstacles and challenges, they must learn to communicate and trust each other, ultimately discovering the depth of their feelings and commitment. The novel also explores the themes of healing and forgiveness, as the characters strive to overcome their pasts and find happiness in each other.

Overall, “Heat of the Night” is a captivating romance novel that delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of love. Amy Knupp expertly creates a compelling story filled with passion, drama, and relatable characters, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

True Hero (North Brothers, #5)

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True Blue (North Brothers, #3)

True Blue (North Brothers, #3) tells the story of former marine Riley North, who returns to his hometown to start a new life after leaving the military. He reconnects with his old flame, Emma, and soon finds himself falling for her all over again. However, as Riley tries to move on from his past, he realizes that his feelings for Emma are putting her in danger. As the couple navigates their renewed relationship, they must also confront the shadows of Riley’s military service that threaten to tear them apart.

The book explores themes of love, redemption, and the challenges of starting over. As Riley and Emma confront their feelings for each other, they must also confront the demons of Riley’s past. The story delves into the complexities of love and the impact of trauma on relationships, as well as the importance of facing one’s past in order to move forward.

Amy Knupp’s writing in True Blue (North Brothers, #3) is heartfelt and emotional, capturing the struggles and triumphs of the characters as they grapple with the challenges of love and healing. With a blend of romance, suspense, and emotional depth, the book offers a compelling and engaging read for fans of contemporary romance.

Sweet Spot (Hale Street, #2)

Sweet Spot (Hale Street, #2) by Amy Knupp follows the story of baseball player JT. He has moved back to his hometown to take care of his father’s bar. He meets Grace, a chef at the bar who has her own dreams of opening a restaurant. As they work together at the bar, they find themselves to be perfect partners both in and out of the kitchen. They must navigate their budding romance while facing obstacles from their past and present.

As JT and Grace grow closer, they must also confront their own personal struggles. JT is haunted by the memory of his ex-girlfriend who betrayed him, while Grace is dealing with the pressure of her family’s expectations for her career. However, as they support each other through these challenges, they find strength and comfort in their relationship.

The novel is a heartwarming and passionate love story that explores themes of second chances, following one’s dreams, and the healing power of love. With endearing characters and a charming small-town setting, Sweet Spot is a captivating romance that will leave readers rooting for JT and Grace’s happily ever after.

True Colors (North Brothers, #2)

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Fully Involved (Island Fire, #3)

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Up in Flames (Island Fire, #6)

“Up in Flames” by Amy Knupp is the sixth installment in the Island Fire series. The story follows the lives of the firefighters on the fictional Gant Island, as they navigate the challenges of their profession and their personal relationships. The focus of this particular book is on a firefighter named Cole, who finds himself attracted to a woman named Erin, despite his initial resistance to love. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they also face the challenges of a particularly difficult fire season on the island.

The book delves into the complexities of Cole and Erin’s budding romance, as well as the larger themes of personal growth and overcoming past traumas. Amy Knupp skillfully weaves together the personal and professional challenges faced by the characters, creating a multi-layered story that appeals to both romance and drama lovers. The book also provides a detailed and realistic portrayal of the lives of firefighters, adding an element of authenticity to the plot.

Overall, “Up in Flames” is a compelling addition to the Island Fire series, offering a well-rounded story that combines romance, drama, and an insider’s perspective on the world of firefighting. Amy Knupp’s writing keeps readers engaged as they follow the characters’ journeys, and the book ultimately delivers a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion.

Sparked: Island Fire Books 1-3 (Island Fire, #1-3)

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Who is Amy Knupp

Amy Knupp is an accomplished author of contemporary romance and a skilled freelance copy editor. With a passion for words and grammar, she is dedicated to creating captivating stories with compelling characters. Residing in Wisconsin with her husband and a household of pets, Amy is a proud graduate of the University of Kansas with a background in French and journalism. In her free time, she indulges in travel, watches college basketball, and shares her love for grammar by correcting her family’s mistakes.

Author Amy Knupp

In conclusion, Amy Knupp’s books offer compelling stories that delve into themes of love, forgiveness, and redemption. Through her characters’ journeys, Knupp explores the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the power of second chances. Her writing style and emotional depth make her novels a profound and engaging read, resonating with readers and leaving a lasting impact.

FAQs about author Amy Knupp

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