Annabelle Jacobs books in order – Series List 06/2024

Annabelle Jacobs is an author known for her captivating works in the genre of LGBTQ+ romance and paranormal fiction. With a focus on engaging characters and steamy, emotional storylines, she has written over 20 books that have enthralled readers with their mix of romance, mystery, and supernatural elements.

Annabelle Jacobs Books in Order

  1. Bitten by Mistake (Regent’s Park Pack, #1)
  2. Bitten by Design (Regent’s Park Pack, #2)
  3. Not Just for Christmas
  4. Bitten by Desire (Regent’s Park Pack, #3)
  5. Claiming Rys (Dark Forest Pack #1)
  6. Bitten by the Alpha (Regent’s Park Pack, #4)
  7. A Christmas Kiss
  8. Always Another Side
  9. The Altered (Lycanaeris, #1)
  10. A No-Strings Noel

Synopsis of Annabelle Jacobs Books in Order

Bitten by Mistake (Regent’s Park Pack, #1)

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Bitten by Design (Regent’s Park Pack, #2)

“Bitten by Design” by Annabelle Jacobs is the second book in the Regent’s Park Pack series. The story follows Oliver, a vampire who is struggling with his place in the world after leaving his old pack. He is drawn to Sebastian, a human who is also navigating his own challenges. As their paths cross, they find themselves drawn to each other, but their love is complicated by the dangers of their respective supernatural worlds.

The book explores themes of identity, acceptance, and finding one’s place in society. Oliver and Sebastian must navigate the challenges of their relationship while facing external threats from those who seek to tear them apart. As they delve deeper into their feelings for each other, they discover that their bond is stronger than they ever imagined.

With a mix of romance, action, and supernatural elements, “Bitten by Design” is a compelling story that will keep readers engaged from beginning to end. The book offers a fresh take on the paranormal romance genre, and fans of the series will be eager to see what happens next in the lives of these complex and captivating characters.

Not Just for Christmas

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Bitten by Desire (Regent’s Park Pack, #3)

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Claiming Rys (Dark Forest Pack #1)

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Bitten by the Alpha (Regent’s Park Pack, #4)

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A Christmas Kiss

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Always Another Side

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The Altered (Lycanaeris, #1)

“The Altered (Lycanaeris, #1)” is a paranormal romance novel by Annabelle Jacobs that follows the story of Silver, a werewolf, who is captured and experimented on by a group of scientists. As a result of the experiments, Silver’s DNA is altered, leaving him with newfound abilities and an uncertain future. With the help of his friends and allies, Silver embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the experiments and protect himself from those who seek to control him.

As Silver navigates his new reality, he forms a bond with a human, Noah, who is unaware of Silver’s true identity. As their relationship grows, Silver must navigate the challenges and dangers of being an altered werewolf while also protecting Noah from the threats that surround them. The novel explores themes of identity, love, and the struggle for autonomy in the face of powerful forces.

“The Altered” is a captivating and action-packed story that blends romance with supernatural elements. With well-developed characters and a compelling plot, Annabelle Jacobs creates a dynamic world filled with danger, intrigue, and romance as Silver fights to reclaim his life and protect those he cares about.

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A No-Strings Noel

“A No-Strings Noel” by Annabelle Jacobs is a heartwarming holiday romance novel that follows the story of two men, Gabriel and Luke. Gabriel is a workaholic businessman who has no time for a relationship and is only looking for a casual fling. Luke is a single father who is juggling his responsibilities as a parent and struggling to make ends meet. When the two men meet, they agree to a no-strings-attached affair, but as they spend more time together, they begin to develop deeper feelings for each other. As the holiday season approaches, they must confront their true desires and decide if they are willing to take a chance on love.

Set against the backdrop of a snowy English village during Christmas time, “A No-Strings Noel” is a charming and uplifting story about finding love when least expected. The novel captures the warmth and magic of the holiday season while also delving into the complexities of relationships and personal growth. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and readers will root for Gabriel and Luke as they navigate their feelings and confront their fears. With its delightful blend of romance, humor, and heart, “A No-Strings Noel” is a delightful read that will leave readers feeling festive and hopeful.

Overall, “A No-Strings Noel” is a delightful holiday romance that is sure to put readers in the Christmas spirit. Annabelle Jacobs has crafted a captivating story with endearing characters and a tender love story that will resonate with readers. The novel is an enchanting blend of holiday cheer and heartwarming romance, making it a perfect read for the festive season.

About Annabelle Jacobs

Annabelle Jacobs resides in the South West of England with her three lively children and two feline companions. Having been an enthusiastic reader of fantasy for many years, Annabelle now dedicates her time to crafting her own stories. Her preferred genres are fantasy and paranormal fiction, as she enjoys creating worlds brimming with magical beings and weaving tales of excitement and bravery. Despite the challenges her characters may face—battling foes and overcoming hardships—they always discover love in the end.

Author Annabelle Jacobs

In conclusion, Annabelle Jacobs has written a diverse and engaging collection of books, each with its own unique storyline and compelling characters. Her ability to seamlessly blend elements of romance, fantasy, and the paranormal creates a captivating reading experience for her audience. Through her thought-provoking narratives, Jacobs also addresses important ideological themes such as acceptance, identity, and the power of love, providing readers with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

FAQs about author Annabelle Jacobs

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