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Deborah Grace Staley is a bestselling author known for her heartwarming and romantic novels. She has written a number of books that are beloved by readers for their engaging and uplifting themes.

Deborah Grace Staley Books in Order

  1. Only You (Angel Ridge, #1)
  2. A Home For Christmas (Angel Ridge, #2)
  3. I’ll Be There (Angel Ridge, #4)
  4. What The Heart Wants (Angel Ridge, #3)
  5. Unforgettable (Angel Ridge #5)
  6. Sweeter Than Tea (Sweet Tea, #4)
  7. Simmer (Wilde Dunes Book 1)
  8. Brotherhood Protectors: Exposed (Scandalous Moves #4)
  9. The Wedding Quilt
  10. Dared

Synopsis of Deborah Grace Staley Books in Order

Only You (Angel Ridge, #1)

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A Home For Christmas (Angel Ridge, #2)

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I’ll Be There (Angel Ridge, #4)

“I’ll Be There (Angel Ridge, #4)” by Deborah Grace Staley is a heartwarming romance novel that centers around the lives of the residents of Angel Ridge. The story follows the journey of Elizabeth, a successful lawyer who returns to her hometown and finds herself rekindling a romance with Dane, a charming musician. As their feelings for each other grow, they must navigate past wounds and insecurities to build a future together.

The novel also delves into the lives of other characters in Angel Ridge, painting a rich and interconnected community. From family dynamics to small-town gossip, the book captures the essence of rural life and the power of love and forgiveness. With its relatable characters and engaging storytelling, “I’ll Be There” is a touching and uplifting read that explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of following one’s heart.

Deborah Grace Staley’s writing is both heartwarming and evocative, drawing readers into the world of Angel Ridge and its inhabitants. With its blend of romance, drama, and small-town charm, “I’ll Be There” is a captivating and enjoyable novel that celebrates love, healing, and the enduring bonds of community.

What The Heart Wants (Angel Ridge, #3)

“What The Heart Wants” is the third book in the Angel Ridge series by Deborah Grace Staley. The small town of Angel Ridge is the backdrop for this heartwarming romance, as the story follows the lives and loves of its residents. The book centers around the characters of veterinarian Eden Montgomery and firefighter Clay Montgomery as they navigate their budding relationship amidst the challenges and joys of small town life.

The novel explores themes of love, forgiveness, and second chances, as the characters face their own personal struggles and learn to open their hearts to new possibilities. Through Staley’s vivid storytelling and engaging narrative, readers are drawn into the world of Angel Ridge, where family, community, and love triumph over adversity.

“What The Heart Wants” is a charming and uplifting story that celebrates the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit. With its richly developed characters and small town setting, the book is sure to captivate and enchant readers as it explores the complexities of the heart and the journey to finding true happiness.

Unforgettable (Angel Ridge #5)

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Sweeter Than Tea (Sweet Tea, #4)

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Simmer (Wilde Dunes Book 1)

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Brotherhood Protectors: Exposed (Scandalous Moves #4)

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The Wedding Quilt

“The Wedding Quilt” by Deborah Grace Staley follows the lives of three women who are connected by a special quilt. When Sarah McClure inherits a quilt from her grandmother, she discovers a hidden message embroidered within it, leading her on a journey to unravel the quilt’s secrets. As she delves into the quilt’s history, Sarah uncovers the stories of its previous owners, including Lila, a young woman from the early 20th century, and Emily, a newlywed in the 1960s. Each woman’s story is intertwined with the quilt, and their experiences reveal the power of love, resilience, and the enduring bonds that tie them together.

The novel beautifully weaves together the stories of Sarah, Lila, and Emily as they navigate love, loss, and the challenges of their respective time periods. Through the quilt, the women find strength and support, and ultimately learn valuable lessons about forgiveness, healing, and the importance of family. As Sarah uncovers the quilt’s history, she begins to understand her own place within the legacy of the quilt and the women who came before her, leading her to find a deeper connection with her own past and a renewed sense of hope for the future.

With rich historical detail and compelling characters, “The Wedding Quilt” is a heartfelt and captivating exploration of love, friendship, and the enduring power of tradition. Deborah Grace Staley’s storytelling skillfully draws readers into the lives of these women, creating a poignant and uplifting narrative that celebrates the bonds of family and the enduring legacy of love.


“Dared” by Deborah Grace Staley is a contemporary romance novel that tells the story of Shelby O’Hara and Dr. Tyler “Mac” McLaughlin. Shelby is a talented artist and muralist who is trying to rebuild her life after a difficult past, while Mac is a dedicated doctor who is focused on his career and helping others. When the two meet, there is an instant spark between them, but Shelby’s past threatens to come between them and prevent her from opening her heart to love.

As Shelby and Mac navigate their own personal challenges and the growing attraction between them, they find themselves dared by their friends to explore a new relationship. They both must confront their fears and insecurities in order to take a chance on love. The novel explores themes of healing from past traumas, taking risks, and the transformative power of love.

Set in the charming town of Angel Ridge, Tennessee, “Dared” is a heartwarming story of second chances and the importance of opening oneself up to love and forgiveness. With its engaging characters and sweet romance, Deborah Grace Staley’s novel is a delightful read for fans of contemporary romance.

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Biography Deborah Grace Staley

Deborah Grace Staley is a highly acclaimed author, known for her best-selling novels and her prestigious HOLT Medallion award. With her MFA in Creative Writing, she not only writes but also teaches and freelance edits. Originally from East Tennessee, she now resides in South Florida with her husband and two beloved rescued dachshunds. Stay connected with Deborah on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for her newsletter at for exclusive giveaways and sneak peeks at her latest work.

Author Deborah Grace Staley

Deborah Grace Staley’s books not only offer heartwarming romance and compelling storytelling, but also present readers with valuable ideological lessons. Through her writing, Staley emphasizes the importance of love, community, and forgiveness, and inspires her audience to embrace growth and healing in the face of life’s challenges. Her books remind us of the power of connection and the resilience of the human spirit, leaving a lasting impact on readers long after the final page.

FAQs about author Deborah Grace Staley

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