Fannie Hurst books in order – Full List June 2024

Fannie Hurst was an American author known for her compelling portrayal of the lives of women and the experiences of immigrants in early 20th century America. She wrote over 17 novels and numerous short stories, exploring themes of social injustice, love, and the struggles of everyday life. Her work often focused on the challenges faced by women and the immigrant experience, making her a notable figure in American literature.

Fannie Hurst Books in Order

  1. Imitation of Life
  2. Back Street
  3. Star-Dust
  4. Lummox
  5. The Stories of Fannie Hurst (Helen Rose Scheuer Jewish Women’s
  6. Humoresque
  7. The Vertical City
  8. Gaslight Sonatas
  9. Mannequin
  10. Five And Ten

Overview of Fannie Hurst Books in Order

Imitation of Life

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Back Street

“Back Street” by Fannie Hurst is a heartbreaking love story that follows the life of Ray Schmidt, a talented and ambitious woman who falls in love with a successful businessman, Walter Saxel. Despite their deep love for each other, they cannot be together publicly due to Walter’s social status and marriage to another woman. The novel spans over three decades, depicting the challenging and painful relationship between Ray and Walter, as they struggle to keep their love alive in the shadows of their respective lives.

As the story unfolds, readers witness Ray’s sacrifices and devoted love for Walter, as she continues to support him through his successes and failures, while keeping their relationship hidden from the public eye. Despite the challenges and heartaches, Ray remains fiercely loyal to Walter, making the ultimate sacrifice for their love. “Back Street” is a poignant and emotional tale of love, sacrifice, and the difficulties of maintaining a forbidden relationship in a judgmental society.

Fannie Hurst explores themes of love, societal expectations, and the resilience of the human spirit in “Back Street.” Through vivid and emotional storytelling, the novel captures the complex dynamics of a clandestine love affair and the enduring power of love. Hurst’s nuanced portrayal of the characters and their struggles creates a compelling narrative that will resonate with readers long after they finish the book.


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The Stories of Fannie Hurst (Helen Rose Scheuer Jewish Women’s

“The Stories of Fannie Hurst” is a collection of short stories by the renowned author Fannie Hurst. The book showcases the talent and diversity of Fannie Hurst’s writing, featuring a range of themes and settings that capture the experiences of women in different societal contexts. From the bustling city streets of New York to the quiet suburbs, Fannie Hurst’s stories delve into the complexity of human emotions and relationships, offering poignant insights into the lives of her characters.

The collection offers a glimpse into the social and cultural landscape of the early 20th century, as well as the timeless struggles and triumphs of the human spirit. With her keen eye for detail and rich storytelling, Fannie Hurst brings to life a diverse array of characters and situations, drawing readers into the intricacies of their lives. Whether capturing the joys and hardships of immigrant communities or the aspirations of young women seeking independence, Fannie Hurst’s stories resonate with universal themes that continue to hold relevance today.

“The Stories of Fannie Hurst” is a testament to the enduring power of Fannie Hurst’s voice and her ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers across generations. Through her vivid prose and nuanced characterizations, Fannie Hurst offers a captivating exploration of human experiences, inviting readers to delve into the heart of her stories and emerge with a deeper understanding of the world and the people who inhabit it.


“Humoresque” by Fannie Hurst is a novel that delves into the life of a talented violinist named Leon Kantor and his romantic entanglements. The story follows Kantor as he rises to fame in the music world while navigating his relationships with various women, including a wealthy and sophisticated woman from high society. The novel explores themes of love, ambition, and the pursuit of artistic excellence, while grappling with the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

The book provides a vivid portrait of the world of classical music and the challenges that artists face in pursuing their dreams. Through the character of Leon Kantor, Fannie Hurst delves into the struggle between passion and practicality, as well as the tension between personal fulfillment and societal expectations. With richly drawn characters and evocative prose, “Humoresque” offers a compelling exploration of the human experience.

Fannie Hurst’s “Humoresque” is a timeless novel that continues to resonate with readers, offering a poignant and insightful look into the complexities of love, art, and the human spirit. The book’s enduring popularity is a testament to its compelling storytelling and its ability to capture the universal truths of the human experience.

The Vertical City

“The Vertical City” by Fannie Hurst is a novel that explores the lives of various characters living in a New York City apartment building. The story follows the intertwining lives of the tenants, ranging from a struggling artist to a wealthy family, as they navigate love, ambition, and societal expectations in the bustling city. Through vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling, Hurst captures the complexities and challenges of urban life in the early 20th century.

The novel delves into the themes of class divide, gender roles, and the pursuit of the American dream, offering a rich and multifaceted portrayal of city life. As the characters’ lives intersect and collide, Hurst reveals the interplay of ambition and compromise, love and loss, and the sacrifices required to survive and thrive in the vertical city. With its compelling narrative and insightful social commentary, “The Vertical City” is a timeless exploration of human nature and the urban experience.

Filled with memorable characters and poignant moments, “The Vertical City” showcases Fannie Hurst’s talent for capturing the heartbeat of a bustling metropolis and the dreams and struggles of its inhabitants. The novel serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring complexities of urban life and the universal human experiences that unite us all.

Gaslight Sonatas

Gaslight Sonatas is a novel by Fannie Hurst that takes place in the early 20th century and follows the story of a young woman named Miriam. Miriam grows up in a poor Jewish family in New York City, and she dreams of becoming a pianist. Despite her humble beginnings, she is determined to pursue her passion for music and make a name for herself in the world of classical music. The novel portrays Miriam’s struggles and triumphs as she navigates the challenges of pursuing her dreams in a society that is not always welcoming to women and minorities.

As Miriam grows older, she faces numerous obstacles and setbacks in her quest for success as a musician. She grapples with poverty, prejudice, and sexism, but she also finds love and support in unexpected places. Throughout the novel, the author weaves a rich tapestry of characters and settings, painting a vivid portrait of New York City at the turn of the century. Gaslight Sonatas is a story of resilience, determination, and the enduring power of music to inspire and uplift the human spirit.

Fannie Hurst’s Gaslight Sonatas is a timeless tale of ambition, love, and the pursuit of one’s passion in the face of adversity. The novel offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of a young woman coming of age in a rapidly changing world. Through the character of Miriam, readers are invited to reflect on the universal themes of ambition, identity, and the struggle for recognition and acceptance. Gaslight Sonatas is a poignant and captivating story that resonates with readers of all backgrounds and generations.


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Five And Ten

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Who is Fannie Hurst

Fannie Hurst was an acclaimed author and philanthropist, known for her prolific writing career and dedication to various social and progressive causes. Born in Ohio, raised in St. Louis, and living in New York City for most of her adult life, she left a lasting legacy through her 17 novels and over 250 short stories, as well as plays, screenplays, memoirs, essays, and articles. Many of her works were adapted into films, such as Imitation of Life, Back Street, and Humoresque. Aside from her literary contributions, Hurst was actively involved in a range of progressive Jewish, social justice, labor, peace, and women’s organizations. Her philanthropic spirit was reflected in her bequeathal of her considerable estate to Washington University and Brandeis University.

Author Fannie Hurst

Fannie Hurst’s books have left a lasting impact on literature, with their powerful portrayal of societal issues and complex personal relationships. Through her works, Hurst skillfully addresses themes of feminism, racial equality, and economic disparity, providing readers with thought-provoking ideological lessons. Her ability to capture the nuances of human emotions and struggles in a relatable manner has contributed to her enduring relevance in the literary world.

FAQs about author Fannie Hurst

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