Fran Wilde books in order – Full List June 2024

Fran Wilde is an accomplished author known for her work in the science fiction and fantasy genres. She has written a number of books, often exploring themes of social and political intrigue within the context of fantastical worlds.

Fran Wilde Books in Order

  1. Updraft (Bone Universe, #1)
  2. The Jewel and Her Lapidary (Gemworld, #1)
  3. Cloudbound (Bone Universe, #2)
  4. Riverland
  5. Horizon (Bone Universe, #3)
  6. The Fire Opal Mechanism (Gemworld, #2)
  7. The Ship of Stolen Words
  8. An Explorer’s Cartography of Already Settled Lands
  9. The Book of Gems (Gemworld, #3)
  10. Machina

Overview of Fran Wilde Books in Order

Updraft (Bone Universe, #1)

In the city of living bone, where the residents rise above the clouds on tethered wings and fearsome creatures called skymouths prowl the air, a young woman named Kirit dreams of becoming a trader, exploring the dangerous depths of the city and contributing to its society. However, when she breaks the city’s most important law by using her illegal and coveted improvisation skills, she is thrust into a world of danger, betrayal, and secrets. As she navigates the complexities of her society and grapples with the political and personal turmoil around her, Kirit must uncover the truth about her world’s past and her own future.

With a unique and imaginative world filled with fascinating creatures and a society that is both captivating and treacherous, Updraft is a gripping tale of courage, determination, and discovery. As Kirit comes to terms with her own identity and confronts the harsh realities of her society, she learns that the truth may be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Fran Wilde’s debut novel is a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of power, tradition, and the pursuit of freedom in a world where danger lurks above and below.

Steeped in rich world-building and populated by compelling characters, Updraft is a riveting adventure that delves into the depths of human nature and the resilience of the human spirit. As Kirit uncovers the dark secrets of her society and seeks to carve out her own destiny, readers are taken on a breathtaking journey through a world of soaring heights and deadly perils. Fran Wilde’s masterful storytelling and vivid imagery make Updraft a mesmerizing and unforgettable read that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Bone Universe series.

The Jewel and Her Lapidary (Gemworld, #1)

“The Jewel and Her Lapidary” by Fran Wilde is a fantasy novella set in Gemworld, a land where jewels hold immense magical power. The story follows the characters Lin and Sima, the Jewel and her loyal lapidary, respectively. As the last surviving members of the ruling family, they find themselves facing a treacherous plot that threatens the very foundation of their kingdom. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a gripping journey filled with intricate world-building, political intrigue, and a deep exploration of the bond between the Jewel and her lapidary.

The novella delves into themes of power, loyalty, and the consequences of wielding great magical abilities. As Lin and Sima navigate the dangers of their world, they must come to terms with the weight of their responsibilities and the sacrifices they are willing to make for the greater good. With its richly imagined setting and complex characters, “The Jewel and Her Lapidary” offers a compelling and immersive reading experience that will captivate fans of fantasy and adventure.

Fran Wilde’s writing is praised for its lyrical prose and evocative storytelling, which adds depth and emotional resonance to the narrative. The novella’s blend of fantasy elements, emotional stakes, and high-stakes drama make it a stand-out entry in the genre, and a promising start to the Gemworld series.

Cloudbound (Bone Universe, #2)

In “Cloudbound,” the second book in the Bone Universe series by Fran Wilde, readers are transported to a city where inhabitants rely on the bone towers to keep their society afloat. The story follows Nat Densira, who navigates a complex political landscape and discovers the truth about the origins of the towers. As Nat uncovers long-hidden secrets, the city’s stability is threatened and he must decide whether to risk everything to save his home.

Wilde’s vivid world-building and imaginative storytelling bring the bone towers to life, creating an immersive and unique setting for the characters to explore. The novel delves into themes of power, loyalty, and the consequences of pursuing the truth, as Nat and his allies grapple with their own motivations and the larger implications of their actions. With its compelling characters and intricate plot, “Cloudbound” offers an engaging and thought-provoking read for fans of fantasy and speculative fiction.

Overall, “Cloudbound” is a captivating continuation of the Bone Universe series, filled with action, intrigue, and richly developed characters. Wilde’s lyrical prose and attention to detail make the story come alive, offering an enjoyable reading experience for those seeking a blend of adventure, political intrigue, and fantastical world-building.


“Riverland” by Fran Wilde is a powerful and emotional story about two sisters, Eleanor and Mike, who must navigate a difficult home life while dealing with their own magical abilities. The book explores themes of trauma, resilience, and the bonds of sisterhood as the girls confront the dangerous and unpredictable world of their family’s river land.

As the sisters try to protect each other from their abusive father and the dark forces of their magical world, they also grapple with their own internal struggles and fears. Along the way, they encounter a cast of vivid and compelling characters, from river monsters to their mysterious Aunt Junes. The story builds to a tense and thrilling climax as the sisters must confront the difficult choices and sacrifices that come with their magical abilities.

Wilde’s prose is both lyrical and evocative, creating a vivid and immersive world that draws the reader in from the very beginning. The book is a deeply moving exploration of trauma and survival, and a testament to the strength of familial love in the face of adversity. With its richly drawn characters and evocative storytelling, “Riverland” is a captivating and thought-provoking read for young adult and adult readers alike.

Horizon (Bone Universe, #3)

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The Fire Opal Mechanism (Gemworld, #2)

“The Fire Opal Mechanism” is the second book in the Gemworld series by Fran Wilde. In a world where gem-powered mechanisms hold the key to survival, protagonist Jovan and his friends encounter a mysterious, ancient artifact that has the power to bring prosperity or chaos to their land. As they seek to unravel the secrets of this powerful device, they must navigate treacherous terrain and face formidable foes.

The story is filled with adventure, magic, and danger, as Jovan and his companions race against time to prevent disaster and protect their homeland. Along the way, they uncover hidden truths about their world and themselves, and ultimately must make difficult choices in order to secure their future. With its blend of high-stakes action and thought-provoking themes, “The Fire Opal Mechanism” offers an engaging and immersive reading experience.

Fran Wilde’s writing is characterized by vivid descriptions, intricate world-building, and a cast of compelling characters. The book also delves into the themes of power, friendship, and the consequences of one’s actions. With its captivating storytelling and richly imagined setting, “The Fire Opal Mechanism” is a thrilling addition to the Gemworld series.

The Ship of Stolen Words

“The Ship of Stolen Words” by Fran Wilde is a middle-grade fantasy novel that follows the story of a young girl named Sam, who discovers a mysterious ship filled with stolen words. As Sam delves into the world of these stolen words, she uncovers secrets and dangers that threaten her own world and the one inhabited by the words themselves. Alongside her friends, Sam embarks on a thrilling adventure to unravel the mystery of the ship and its stolen words, facing challenges and adversaries along the way.

The book explores themes of the power of words, the importance of storytelling, and the consequences of stealing language. It also delves into the idea of courage and the strength of friendship as Sam and her companions navigate the dangerous waters of the stolen words. With rich world-building and vibrant characters, “The Ship of Stolen Words” offers an engaging and imaginative tale for young readers, filled with magic, adventure, and the enduring value of language and communication.

Fran Wilde’s storytelling prowess shines through in “The Ship of Stolen Words,” as she weaves a compelling narrative that will captivate readers of all ages. The book’s blend of fantasy, mystery, and friendship make it a must-read for those who love tales of adventure and the power of words.

An Explorer’s Cartography of Already Settled Lands

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The Book of Gems (Gemworld, #3)

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About Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde is a talented writer of speculative fiction and fantasy. In addition to her writing skills, she is proficient in tying sailing knots, setting gemstones, and programming digital minions. Her love for reading is evident, and she is a strong advocate for the Oxford comma. Fran’s work has been featured in publications such as Asimov’s, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Uncanny, and Her debut novel, Updraft, has received numerous accolades including nominations for the Nebula Award and the Dragon Award, as well as winning the Andre Norton Award for Best Young Adult SFF and the Compton Crook award for Best First Novel.

Author Fran Wilde

In conclusion, Fran Wilde’s books in order showcase her incredible skill in blending imaginative world-building with complex characters to create compelling stories. Each of her novels and stories offers a unique perspective on social and political issues, presenting thought-provoking ideological lessons about power, family dynamics, environmentalism, and the consequences of personal choices. Through her engaging and richly textured narratives, Wilde encourages readers to critically examine the world around them and consider the impact of their own actions.

FAQs about author Fran Wilde

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