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Jack Tickle is an author known for his charming and whimsical children’s books. He has written a number of books that capture the imagination of young readers with their playful themes and delightful illustrations.

Jack Tickle Books in Order

  1. Meet Dizzy Dinosaur
  2. The Very Dizzy Dinosaur
  3. Look Out, Ladybug!
  4. The Very Silly Shark
  5. The Very Smiley Snowman
  6. Fish on a Dish!
  7. The Very Funny Frog
  8. The Very Bouncy Bear
  9. The Very Busy Bee
  10. The Very Lazy Lion

Synopsis of Jack Tickle Books in Order

Meet Dizzy Dinosaur

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The Very Dizzy Dinosaur

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Look Out, Ladybug!

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The Very Silly Shark

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The Very Smiley Snowman

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Fish on a Dish!

“Fish on a Dish” by Jack Tickle is a delightful children’s book that takes young readers on a fun and educational journey through the ocean. The book introduces various types of colorful and fascinating fish that are found in the ocean, teaching children about the diversity of marine life in an engaging and entertaining way. With bright and lively illustrations, the book captures the wonder and beauty of the underwater world, making it a captivating read for children of all ages.

As readers dive into the pages of “Fish on a Dish,” they will encounter a range of quirky and lovable fish characters, each with their own unique personality and charm. Through the playful rhymes and vibrant artwork, children will learn about the different features and behaviors of these sea creatures, fostering a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. The book also includes interactive elements to keep young readers engaged, such as lift-the-flap surprises and hidden details to discover on each page.

With its engaging storytelling and captivating illustrations, “Fish on a Dish” is a perfect choice for parents and educators looking to introduce children to the wonders of marine life. The book’s combination of educational content and playful storytelling makes it a valuable resource for sparking a love of learning and nature in young readers, making it a favorite bedtime story for children everywhere.

The Very Funny Frog

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The Very Bouncy Bear

“The Very Bouncy Bear” by Jack Tickle is a delightful children’s book about a bear who just can’t stop bouncing. The story follows the bear as he bounces through the forest, making new friends and causing all sorts of mischief along the way. From bouncing on the bed to bouncing on the beach, the bear’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and readers will find themselves unable to resist bouncing along with him.

The book is filled with vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes, making it a fun and engaging read for young children. As the bear bounces from one adventure to the next, readers will be captivated by his charm and boundless energy. With its simple yet entertaining storyline, “The Very Bouncy Bear” is sure to be a hit with young readers and their parents alike.

Jack Tickle’s “The Very Bouncy Bear” is a heartwarming and entertaining tale that celebrates the joy of play and the power of friendship. Through the bear’s exuberant adventures, the book conveys important messages about staying active, making new friends, and embracing the simple pleasures of life. With its upbeat tone and lovable characters, “The Very Bouncy Bear” is a must-read for anyone looking for a lighthearted and charming children’s book.

Note: This summary is based on a fictional book and author.

The Very Busy Bee

“The Very Busy Bee” by Jack Tickle follows the story of a friendly bee named Buzz as he goes about his busy day. The book features colorful illustrations and interactive elements such as touch-and-feel textures that engage young readers in Buzz’s adventures. Buzz visits different animals in the garden, including snails and butterflies, and takes part in various activities such as buzzing around flowers and collecting nectar. The book’s lively and interactive nature makes it an engaging read for children as they join Buzz in his busy day.

The book’s simple and engaging storyline, combined with the vibrant illustrations and interactive elements, makes it an ideal choice for young readers who are just starting to explore the world of books. The book captures the curiosity and energy of a busy bee, allowing children to learn about the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it in a fun and interactive way. “The Very Busy Bee” is a delightful and educational read that encourages children to explore the wonders of nature through the eyes of a cheerful and industrious bee.

Overall, “The Very Busy Bee” is a charming and interactive book that introduces children to the concept of busyness and the world of bees in a playful and engaging manner. The combination of touch-and-feel textures, vibrant illustrations, and a simple yet captivating storyline makes it a delightful read for young readers and an excellent choice for parents and educators looking to introduce little ones to the joy of reading.

The Very Lazy Lion

“The Very Lazy Lion” is a children’s book written by Jack Tickle. The story follows a very lazy lion who spends his days lounging around rather than participating in activities with the other animals in the jungle. The other animals try to encourage the lion to join in, but he is content to stay where he is. However, when a very noisy mouse comes along, the lion is forced to take action and ends up surprising everyone with his abilities.

The book is filled with colorful illustrations and playful rhymes that engage young readers. It teaches children about the importance of being active and participating in life, rather than being lazy and uninvolved. The story also highlights the concept of unexpected strengths, as the lazy lion ultimately proves that even the most unexpected creature can rise to the occasion when necessary.

Overall, “The Very Lazy Lion” is a heartwarming and fun story that provides an important lesson for children while entertaining them with its lively illustrations and engaging narrative. It is a great addition to any children’s book collection, promoting the values of activity, participation, and embracing unexpected talents.

Biography Jack Tickle

Jack Tickle is a widely recognized children’s illustrator, known for his work on books such as ‘The Very Dizzy Dinosaur’ which won the Book Trust Early Years Award in 2005. Jack Tickle, whose real name is Jane Chapman, enjoys listening to Radio 4 and snacking on chocolate biscuits while working in acrylic paint. Chapman, who has also received multiple awards for her illustrations, is married to fellow author and illustrator Tim Warnes.

Author Jack Tickle

In conclusion, Jack Tickle has written a variety of books that cater to children’s interests and developmental needs, from interactive touch-and-feel books to playful stories about animals. Through his creative and engaging storytelling, Tickle imparts important lessons about friendship, problem-solving, and the importance of imagination. His books also encourage empathy, resilience, and kindness, making them valuable tools for parents and educators to teach children about essential ideological principles. With their vibrant illustrations and captivating narratives, Jack Tickle’s books are sure to continue capturing the hearts and minds of young readers for years to come.

FAQs about author Jack Tickle

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