Karen Russell books in order – Full List 06/2024

Karen Russell is an American author known for her vivid and imaginative storytelling. She has written several books that often explore themes of magical realism and the surreal.

Karen Russell Books in Order

  1. Swamplandia!
  2. Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories
  3. St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves
  4. Orange World and Other Stories
  5. Sleep Donation
  6. Stag
  7. The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis
  8. Haunting Olivia
  9. Reeling for the Empire
  10. Black Corfu

Overview of Karen Russell Books in Order


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Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories

“Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories” by Karen Russell is a collection of short stories that explores the theme of supernatural and uncanny in everyday life. The stories are diverse in settings, ranging from an Italian lemon grove to a haunted outhouse, and they feature characters facing various challenges and desires, often with a dark and eerie twist. Throughout the book, Russell showcases her masterful storytelling and imaginative writing, creating a captivating and thought-provoking reading experience.

In one of the stories, “Reeling for the Empire,” female factory workers in Meiji-era Japan are turned into silk-spinning human silkworms as part of a diabolical and supernatural business venture. In another story, “The Barn at the End of Our Term,” deceased American presidents find themselves reincarnated as horses and embark on a mysterious journey towards an unknown destination. Each story in the collection is unique and haunting, delving into the depths of human emotion and existence while deftly blending elements of fantasy and reality.

Overall, “Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories” is a captivating and imaginative collection that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. Karen Russell’s writing is rich and evocative, weaving together elements of the supernatural with the ordinary to create a truly mesmerizing reading experience.

St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves

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Orange World and Other Stories

“Orange World and Other Stories” by Karen Russell is a collection of short stories that explore themes of love, loss, and the supernatural. The stories cover a range of settings, from a dystopian future to a haunted swamp, and feature a diverse cast of characters. The book has been praised for its imaginative storytelling and its ability to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

One of the standout stories in the collection is “The Bad Graft,” which follows a woman who receives a heart transplant and starts experiencing strange symptoms that make her question the origins of her new heart. Another notable story is “Bog Girl: A Romance,” which tells the story of a teenage boy who falls in love with a girl who has been preserved in a peat bog for thousands of years. Each story in the collection is unique and thought-provoking, offering a fresh perspective on the human experience.

Overall, “Orange World and Other Stories” showcases Karen Russell’s talent for crafting vivid and compelling narratives. Her writing style is lush and evocative, drawing readers into each story and leaving a lasting impact. The collection has been widely praised by critics and readers alike for its creativity and emotional depth.

Sleep Donation

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The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis

“The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis” by Karen Russell is a haunting and fantastical novel that follows the story of a young boy named Roger, who is obsessed with the mysterious disappearance of his classmate Eric Mutis. When a lifelike doll of Eric appears in the town, Roger becomes convinced that it is a sign from the other side and becomes determined to unravel the truth behind Eric’s vanishing. As Roger delves deeper into the strange occurrences surrounding the doll, he discovers the truth about the dark and enigmatic forces at play in his town.

The novel is rich with eerie and surreal imagery, as well as an exploration of grief, loss, and the supernatural. Russell’s writing is filled with vivid descriptions and a sense of atmosphere that immerses the reader into the eerie world of the story. The novel also delves into themes of friendship, community, and the lengths people will go to find closure and answers, even when faced with the inexplicable and supernatural.

Set in a small town with a chilling and mysterious atmosphere, “The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis” is a captivating and eerie novel that combines elements of mystery, horror, and magical realism. Through the story of Roger’s quest to uncover the truth about Eric’s disappearance, the novel explores the resilient and often surprising nature of the human spirit in the face of the unknown and the inexplicable.

Haunting Olivia

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Reeling for the Empire

“Reeling for the Empire” by Karen Russell is a collection of short stories that explore themes of transformation, agency, and the human experience. The title story, “Reeling for the Empire,” follows a group of women who have been turned into silkworms by a mysterious government agency. As they spin silk for their captors, they grapple with their loss of agency and struggle to reclaim their humanity.

Another story, “The Seagull Army Descends on Strong Beach, 1979,” explores the impact of a strange phenomenon in a small beach town, where seagulls begin to attack the residents. The story delves into themes of fear, community, and the unknown. Lastly, “The Graveless Doll of Eric Mutis” follows a young boy who discovers a doll that looks exactly like him. As he becomes obsessed with the doll, he begins to question his own identity and place in the world.

Overall, “Reeling for the Empire” is a thought-provoking and imaginative collection of stories that delve into the complexities of the human experience and the ways in which we navigate the challenges of life. Karen Russell’s writing is both richly descriptive and emotionally resonant, capturing the depth and complexity of her characters’ experiences.

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Black Corfu

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About Karen Russell

Karen Russell graduated from Columbia University’s MFA program in 2006 and has since become a highly acclaimed author. Her stories have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Best American Short Stories, Granta, and The New Yorker. She has been recognized with honors such as the National Book Foundation’s “5 Under 35” and the New Yorker’s “20 Under 40.” Her first book, St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, was published in 2006, followed by her debut novel, Swamplandia!, in 2011. She currently resides in Washington Heights, New York.

Author Karen Russell

In conclusion, the books of Karen Russell are a testament to her unique storytelling ability and vibrant imagination. Through her works, readers are immersed in worlds that often blend the fantastical with the mundane, offering a lens through which to explore complex themes such as coming of age, familial relationships, and the impact of societal norms. Russell’s ability to seamlessly integrate magical realism into her narratives challenges readers to question the boundaries of reality and consider the inherent possibilities of the unknown. Her books also serve as a reminder of the power of empathy, the resilience of the human spirit, and the significance of embracing the uncertainties of life. Through her captivating stories, Russell offers readers a thought-provoking and enriching literary experience.

FAQs about author Karen Russell

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