Maddie Please books in order – The Complete List June 2024

Maddie Please is an author known for her uplifting and heartwarming novels. She has written several books that center around themes of friendship, love, and personal growth.

Maddie Please Books in Order

  1. Sisters Behaving Badly
  2. The Old Ducks’ Club (Old Ducks Club, #1)
  3. A Vintage Vacation
  4. Sunrise With The Silver Surfers
  5. Old Friends Reunited
  6. The Summer of Second Chances
  7. A Year of New Adventures
  8. Come Away with Me
  9. The Mini-Break
  10. The Old Ducks’ Hen Do (Old Ducks Club, #2)

Synopsis of Maddie Please Books in Order

Sisters Behaving Badly

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The Old Ducks’ Club (Old Ducks Club, #1)

“The Old Ducks’ Club” by Maddie Please follows the story of a group of older women who decide to form a club to support and empower each other through life’s challenges. The main character, Phyllis, is facing retirement and the newfound freedom that comes with it. As she navigates this new chapter in her life, she forms close friendships with other women in similar situations. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, proving that age is just a number and that life is full of new opportunities.

The book delves into themes of friendship, resilience, and the importance of community as the women in the Old Ducks’ Club navigate through various trials and tribulations. As the club continues to grow, the women find strength in each other and discover that age doesn’t define their abilities or potential. Through laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments, the Old Ducks’ Club shows that it’s never too late to embrace life and all its possibilities.

Maddie Please’s novel is a heartwarming and uplifting story that celebrates the resilience and spirit of women at every stage of life. With humor and relatability, the book reminds readers that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, form meaningful connections, and live life to the fullest. The characters’ journey in “The Old Ducks’ Club” is a testament to the power of friendship and the joy that comes from embracing new adventures.

A Vintage Vacation

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Sunrise With The Silver Surfers

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Old Friends Reunited

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The Summer of Second Chances

“The Summer of Second Chances” by Maddie Please is a heartwarming story about second chances, love, and new beginnings. The book follows the life of journalist Annie Thomas who moves to the beautiful coastal town of Salt Bay for a fresh start after a devastating breakup. As she settles into her new life, Annie meets a colorful cast of characters, including a handsome sailor and a group of quirky locals. Amidst the picturesque setting of Salt Bay, Annie learns to let go of her past and embrace the possibilities of the future.

The novel explores themes of forgiveness, friendship, and the importance of taking risks. As Annie navigates her way through new relationships and unexpected challenges, she discovers that sometimes the best things in life come when you least expect them. With charming humor and heartfelt moments, “The Summer of Second Chances” is a delightful summer read that will leave readers feeling uplifted and optimistic about the power of love and redemption.

Maddie Please’s enchanting storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the seaside town of Salt Bay to life, making it a perfect escape for readers looking for a feel-good and uplifting romantic novel. The book’s blend of romance and self-discovery makes it a compelling and enjoyable read for anyone who loves a good love story with a touch of humor and a lot of heart.

A Year of New Adventures

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Come Away with Me

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The Mini-Break

“The Mini-Break” by Maddie Please is a heartwarming and hilarious romantic comedy that follows the story of Sarah. Sarah is a hardworking single mother who is in desperate need of a break. When her best friend suggests a mini-break to a luxury spa, Sarah jumps at the chance for some much-needed relaxation. However, things take an unexpected turn when Sarah’s ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend show up at the same spa, threatening to ruin her peaceful retreat.

As Sarah navigates through the awkward and chaotic situation, she finds herself drawn to a charming stranger who seems to understand her better than anyone else. The story unfolds with plenty of humor, romance, and personal growth as Sarah learns to let go of her past and embrace the possibilities of a new relationship. With delightful characters and a captivating plot, “The Mini-Break” is a delightful tale of second chances and finding love in unexpected places.

Maddie Please’s writing style seamlessly combines humor and heart, making “The Mini-Break” an enjoyable and uplifting read. The book is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a feel-good romantic comedy with relatable and endearing characters. With its witty dialogue and charming storyline, “The Mini-Break” is sure to leave readers with a smile on their faces.

The Old Ducks’ Hen Do (Old Ducks Club, #2)

“The Old Ducks’ Hen Do” is the second book in the Old Ducks Club series by Maddie Please. The story follows the adventures of a group of older women who are determined to have fun and live life to the fullest. The book focuses on the characters’ relationships, friendships, and the ups and downs of getting older.

The novel is filled with humor, heartwarming moments, and relatable experiences that many readers can connect with. The characters are vibrant and endearing, and the story is a delightful exploration of female friendship and the joys of aging gracefully. With its charming and witty narrative, “The Old Ducks’ Hen Do” is a heartwarming and entertaining read that celebrates the unique bond between women.

Maddie Please’s writing style is engaging and entertaining, and she has a knack for creating lovable and relatable characters. The book is a celebration of life, friendship, and the adventures that come with getting older. “The Old Ducks’ Hen Do” is a feel-good and uplifting novel that will leave readers with a smile on their faces.

About Maddie Please

Maddie Please was born in Dorset, raised in Worcestershire, and pursued her education at University in Cardiff. After working as a dentist, she now resides in Devon with her supportive husband. Their four adult-ish children have all left home and are likely surprised by her newfound free time. Maddie is an avid reader and would gladly take on household chores, if only she had the time. She approaches her writing with discipline and enjoys it as a way to avoid ironing.

Author Maddie Please

Overall, the books by Maddie Please offer light-hearted and entertaining reads that often revolve around themes of self-discovery, independence, and the importance of following one’s heart. Through her relatable and endearing characters, Please addresses complex topics such as love, friendship, and personal growth, while always infusing the stories with humor and wit. Each installment in her series provides a delightful escape for readers, while also imparting important ideological lessons about the value of authenticity, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness.

FAQs about author Maddie Please

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