Melanie McFarlane books in order – Series List 06/2024

Melanie McFarlane is a passionate writer who focuses on the theme of young adult fiction with a touch of fantasy and sci-fi elements. She has written multiple books that have captured the imagination of readers, taking them on unforgettable journeys through her captivating storytelling.

Melanie McFarlane Books in Order

  1. There Once Were Stars (Dome 1618, #1)
  2. Summoner Rising (Laws of Summoning, #1)
  3. Magic at Midnight: A YA Fairy Tale Anthology
  4. Finders Keepers
  5. Here Skies Surround Us (Dome 1618, #2)
  6. The Missing Guardian (The Descendants, #1)
  7. Into the Woods (Twisted Tales from the Jaw, #1)
  8. The Revelation of Faithe Eileen
  9. The Mer Queen’s Daughter (The Descendants, #2)
  10. Those Chosen Few – A Dome 1618 Prequel

Summary of Melanie McFarlane Books in Order

There Once Were Stars (Dome 1618, #1)

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Summoner Rising (Laws of Summoning, #1)

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Magic at Midnight: A YA Fairy Tale Anthology

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Finders Keepers

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Here Skies Surround Us (Dome 1618, #2)

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The Missing Guardian (The Descendants, #1)

“The Missing Guardian (The Descendants, #1)” by Melanie McFarlane follows the story of Abby, a 16-year-old girl who discovers that she is a descendant of a powerful line of guardians who protect the human world from dark forces. When her guardian mysteriously disappears, Abby must step up to take on her family’s legacy and protect the world from an impending danger. As she navigates her new role, Abby forms alliances with other descendants and learns about the history and power of her lineage.

Throughout the book, Abby faces challenges and dangers as she comes to terms with her newfound responsibilities and powers. She must confront her own fears and doubts and make difficult decisions in order to fulfill her duty as a guardian. Along the way, Abby also experiences personal growth and transformation as she learns more about herself and her family’s legacy.

The novel is a thrilling and action-packed young adult fantasy that combines elements of adventure, mystery, and magic. With engaging characters and an intricate plot, “The Missing Guardian” explores themes of duty, destiny, and the power of family ties. The book sets the stage for a compelling series that will continue to follow Abby’s journey as she confronts the challenges and dangers that come with being a descendant and guardian.

Into the Woods (Twisted Tales from the Jaw, #1)

“Into the Woods (Twisted Tales from the Jaw, #1)” by Melanie McFarlane is a contemporary retelling of classic fairy tales set in Jaw, a magical world filled with danger and enchantment. The book follows the story of Teagan, a young girl who must navigate the treacherous woods of Jaw to save her brother from a deadly curse. Along the way, she encounters familiar characters such as the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch, who are not quite what they seem. As Teagan delves deeper into the dark secrets of the woods, she must rely on her bravery and wit to outsmart the forces of evil.

The novel is a thrilling adventure that combines elements of fantasy and folklore with a modern twist. McFarlane’s vivid descriptions and fast-paced plot keep readers on the edge of their seats as Teagan battles mythical creatures and unravels the mysteries of Jaw. The book also explores themes of family, courage, and the power of storytelling, making it a compelling read for fans of fairy tales and fantasy.

“Into the Woods (Twisted Tales from the Jaw, #1)” is the first installment in a series that promises to deliver more imaginative retellings of beloved fairy tales. With its engaging protagonist and imaginative world-building, this book is sure to captivate readers of all ages and leave them eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

The Revelation of Faithe Eileen

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The Mer Queen’s Daughter (The Descendants, #2)

“The Mer Queen’s Daughter (The Descendants, #2)” by Melanie McFarlane is the second installment in The Descendants series. The book follows the story of Lily, the daughter of the mer queen, as she navigates the challenges of living in both the human world and the underwater kingdom. Lily is torn between fulfilling her duties as a mer princess and following her own desires, and her choices could have far-reaching consequences for both worlds.

As tensions rise between the merfolk and humans, Lily must find a way to bridge the divide and prevent a war that could destroy everything she holds dear. With the help of her friends and allies, Lily embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her heritage and her role in shaping the future of both realms. The novel explores themes of identity, family, and the power of love and friendship in overcoming adversity.

“The Mer Queen’s Daughter” is a compelling blend of fantasy, adventure, and romance that will captivate readers of all ages. McFarlane’s vivid world-building and engaging characters make for an immersive and enthralling reading experience. With its themes of self-discovery and the struggle to find one’s place in the world, this book will resonate with anyone who has ever felt torn between conflicting loyalties or faced difficult choices in pursuit of their own happiness.

Those Chosen Few – A Dome 1618 Prequel

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Who is Melanie McFarlane

Dive into captivating young adult stories with author Melanie McFarlane, as she fearlessly tackles corrupt futures and intergalactic adventures with her fingertips on the keyboard. While she may have a soft spot for zombies, Melanie’s true passion lies in crafting page-turning stories that will keep readers up all night. Connect with Melanie through her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads to stay updated on her latest literary creations.

Author Melanie McFarlane

Overall, Melanie McFarlane’s books offer a compelling blend of imaginative storytelling and thought-provoking moral lessons. By weaving powerful themes of friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what is right into her narratives, McFarlane encourages readers to reflect on their own values and beliefs. Through her characters’ journeys and struggles, she demonstrates the importance of empathy, courage, and resilience, making her work not only entertaining but also deeply impactful. From her debut novel to her latest release, McFarlane consistently delivers engaging tales that inspire readers to consider the ideological lessons embedded within her stories.

FAQs about author Melanie McFarlane

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