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Rebecca Sharp is an author known for her captivating romance novels that explore themes of love, passion, and self-discovery. She has written over 20 books, each one showcasing her unique storytelling ability and ability to draw readers into her romantic worlds.

Rebecca Sharp Books in Order

  1. Ranger (Reynolds Protective, #4)
  2. Archer (Reynolds Protective, #1)
  3. Betrayed (Covington Security, #1)
  4. Burned (Covington Security, #4)
  5. Hunter (Reynolds Protective, #2)
  6. Gunner (Reynolds Protective, #3)
  7. Bribed (Covington Security, #2)
  8. Beguiled (Covington Security, #3)
  9. The Woodsman
  10. Branded (Covington Security, #5)

Overview of Rebecca Sharp Books in Order

Ranger (Reynolds Protective, #4)

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Archer (Reynolds Protective, #1)

Archer (Reynolds Protective, #1) by Rebecca Sharp tells the story of Ivy and Archer, who cross each other’s path in unexpected circumstances. Ivy is a strong, independent woman who is facing the struggles of a broken engagement and a crumbling career. Meanwhile, Archer is a former military man who is now working as a bodyguard for Reynolds Protective. When Ivy hires Reynolds Protective for her safety, she finds herself falling for the rugged and intense Archer. As their attraction grows, they must navigate the dangers and secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

Sharp’s novel is a steamy and suspenseful romance that explores the complexities of love and trust in the face of danger. Ivy and Archer’s chemistry leaps off the pages as they navigate the challenges of their personal and professional lives. With twists and turns, the story keeps readers on the edge of their seats while also delivering a satisfying romance.

Archer (Reynolds Protective, #1) is a gripping and passionate novel that mixes romance and suspense to create an engaging read. With well-developed characters and an intense plot, Rebecca Sharp has created a captivating story that will leave readers eager for more.

Betrayed (Covington Security, #1)

“Betrayed (Covington Security, #1)” by Rebecca Sharp is the first book in the Covington Security series. The story revolves around Ava, a young woman who has suffered betrayal and heartache in the past. She is determined to start afresh and swears off relationships. However, everything changes when she meets Knox, a security expert with a mysterious past. Despite her best efforts to resist him, Ava finds herself drawn to Knox and the intense attraction between them. As they navigate the complexities of their budding relationship, they must also confront the dangers and threats that surround them, putting their love to the ultimate test.

The novel is a gripping blend of romance, suspense, and passion, with intense chemistry between the two main characters. It delves into themes of trust, loyalty, and the consequences of betrayal. Sharp’s writing style keeps readers engaged as she weaves a tale of love and danger, creating a page-turning story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The book promises an emotional rollercoaster as Ava and Knox fight to protect their hearts while facing the challenges that threaten to tear them apart.

“Betrayed” offers a compelling mix of romance and suspense, with well-developed characters and a plot that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. Sharp’s storytelling prowess shines through as she leads readers on a gripping journey of love, betrayal, and redemption. The book sets the stage for an exciting series, leaving readers eager for more from the captivating world of Covington Security.

Burned (Covington Security, #4)

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Hunter (Reynolds Protective, #2)

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Gunner (Reynolds Protective, #3)

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Bribed (Covington Security, #2)

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Beguiled (Covington Security, #3)

Beguiled (Covington Security, #3) by Rebecca Sharp is a romantic suspense novel that follows the story of Gabriel and Daisy. Gabriel is a skilled investigator working for Covington Security, while Daisy is an independent and intelligent woman with secrets of her own. When they are brought together to work on a dangerous case, they find themselves drawn to each other despite the risks involved. As they navigate through dangerous situations and unexpected twists, they must also confront their own vulnerabilities and trust issues in order to survive.

The book delves into themes of trust, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships. Gabriel and Daisy’s romance is set against a backdrop of danger and intrigue, adding an extra layer of tension and suspense to the story. As they work to uncover the truth and outsmart their enemies, they also learn to rely on each other and their own instincts in order to stay alive. Sharp weaves a captivating tale of passion, danger, and hidden agendas, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Rebecca Sharp’s writing keeps readers engaged with its fast-paced plot, well-developed characters, and sizzling romance. The book is filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep the suspense high and the stakes higher. With its captivating blend of romance and suspense, Beguiled is a thrilling and satisfying read for fans of the genre.

The Woodsman

“The Woodsman” by Rebecca Sharp tells the story of Wren Thomas, a young woman who must come to terms with her painful past and navigate the complexities of love and relationships. Wren’s father, a cold and distant man, abandoned her and her mother when she was young, leaving her with deep emotional scars. As Wren struggles to open herself up to love, she meets Tristan (aka “The Woodsman”), a brooding and mysterious man with his own troubled past. The two find themselves drawn to each other, but must confront their own emotional baggage in order to make their relationship work.

The novel explores themes of forgiveness, healing, and the resilience of the human spirit. As Wren and Tristan navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, they must confront their own emotional wounds and learn to trust each other. With lyrical prose and vivid imagery, Sharp delves into the complexities of the human heart, offering a compelling and emotionally resonant tale of love and redemption.

“The Woodsman” is a poignant and beautifully crafted love story that will resonate with readers who enjoy gripping emotional dramas and heartfelt romance. Sharp’s evocative storytelling and nuanced character development make for a compelling and satisfying read that explores the power of love to heal and transform.

Branded (Covington Security, #5)

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Who is Rebecca Sharp

Are you ready to dive into the world of romance novels? Well, look no further! I’m a dentist by day and author by night, and I’d love for you to connect with me on all of my social media platforms. Join my mailing list, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bookbub to stay updated on all of my latest releases and book recommendations. And don’t forget to join my Facebook reader group, My Sexy Sharpies, for even more bookish fun! Happy reading!

Author Rebecca  Sharp

Rebecca Sharp’s books offer a compelling exploration of themes such as love, redemption, and the complexity of human relationships. Through her compelling storytelling, Sharp delivers important ideological lessons about the power of forgiveness, the strength of the human spirit, and the impact of our choices on our lives. With her ability to create multi-layered characters and thought-provoking narratives, Rebecca Sharp’s books are a captivating read for anyone looking for an insightful and emotionally resonant literary experience.

FAQs about author Rebecca Sharp

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