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Richmal Crompton was a British author best known for creating the mischievous schoolboy character, Just William. She wrote a total of 39 books featuring the popular character and is celebrated for her witty and humorous storytelling.

Richmal Crompton Books in Order

  1. Just William (Just William, #1)
  2. More William (Just William, #2)
  3. William Again (Just William, #3)
  4. William the Outlaw (Just William, #7)
  5. William the Conqueror (Just William, #6)
  6. William the Fourth (Just William, #4)
  7. Still William (Just William, #5)
  8. William in Trouble (Just William, #8)
  9. William the Bad (Just William, #11)
  10. William The Good (Just William, #9)

Summary of Richmal Crompton Books in Order

Just William (Just William, #1)

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More William (Just William, #2)

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William Again (Just William, #3)

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William the Outlaw (Just William, #7)

William the Outlaw is the seventh book in the beloved Just William series by Richmal Crompton. The book follows the misadventures of the mischievous 11-year-old William Brown as he navigates the challenges of boyhood in 1920s England. In this installment, William and his gang of Outlaws find themselves embroiled in a series of escapades, from running away from home to forming a secret society called “The Outlaws” with strict rules and codes of conduct.

As always, in William the Outlaw, readers can expect plenty of humor, chaos, and heartwarming moments as William and his friends navigate the ups and downs of growing up. Crompton’s vivid and relatable portrayal of childhood adventures and friendships continues to captivate readers of all ages, making this book a timeless classic that continues to endure.

With its timeless appeal, William the Outlaw is a delightful read that captures the essence of childhood in a bygone era while still resonating with modern audiences. It is a charming and entertaining book that celebrates the power of youthful imagination and the enduring spirit of friendship, making it a must-read for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

William the Conqueror (Just William, #6)

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William the Fourth (Just William, #4)

William the Fourth is the fourth book in the Just William series written by Richmal Crompton. The book follows the adventures of the mischievous and lovable 11-year-old schoolboy William Brown. In this installment, William and his gang of friends embark on various escapades, including trying to become professional actors, setting up a pirate radio station, and attempting to find buried treasure. Along the way, they encounter numerous comical situations and often find themselves in trouble.

The story is filled with humor, as William’s inventive schemes and relentless curiosity lead to chaos and confusion. Despite his best intentions, William often finds himself at odds with the adults in his life, including his exasperated parents and his tyrannical teacher. Through his escapades, William also learns valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Richmal Crompton’s portrayal of William and his friends captures the joy, innocence, and mischief of childhood. The book is a delightful and entertaining read for both children and adults, offering a humorous and heartwarming glimpse into the world of a spirited and imaginative young boy.

Still William (Just William, #5)

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William in Trouble (Just William, #8)

William in Trouble is the eighth book in the Just William series by Richmal Crompton. The book follows the adventures of William Brown, a mischievous and imaginative eleven-year-old boy, and his group of friends known as The Outlaws. In this collection of stories, William finds himself in a series of humorous and chaotic situations, often causing trouble and getting into scrapes. From trying to make money by selling insurance to inadvertently foiling a burglary, William’s escapades are entertaining and full of amusing mishaps.

Throughout the book, readers are entertained by William’s outlandish schemes and his knack for finding trouble. From trying to make a quick buck to saving the day in his own unique way, William’s escapades are sure to bring a smile to readers’ faces. Despite his troublemaking ways, William’s good intentions and loyalty to his friends shine through, making him a lovable and endearing character.

Richmal Crompton’s writing is witty and engaging, and she captures the essence of childhood with charm and humor. The stories in William in Trouble are a delightful mix of comedy, adventure, and mischief, making them an enjoyable read for children and adults alike. With its timeless appeal and relatable themes, this book continues to be a beloved classic in children’s literature.

William the Bad (Just William, #11)

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William The Good (Just William, #9)

William The Good (Just William, #9) by Richmal Crompton is a collection of humorous short stories featuring the mischievous and imaginative eleven-year-old schoolboy, William Brown. The book follows William through a series of entertaining and often chaotic adventures as he navigates boyhood in 20th-century England.

In the various stories, William attempts to earn money by starting a newspaper, tries to fix a school election, and even hatches a plan to become a saint. Throughout the book, William’s well-intentioned schemes inevitably go awry, much to the amusement of readers. The stories capture the timeless essence of childhood and the universal experiences of growing up, making the book relatable to readers of all ages.

With its charming blend of humor and heart, William The Good continues to captivate readers, capturing the spirit of youthful mischief and the innocence of childhood. Richmal Crompton’s delightful storytelling and unforgettable characterizations make this book an enduring classic in children’s literature.

About Richmal Crompton

Initially trained as a schoolmistress, Richmal Crompton Lamburn later became a renowned English writer, celebrated for her beloved Just William series of books, as well as her humorous short stories and adult fiction. Her fiction often explores the dynamics of family and societal life, highlighting the limitations they impose on individuals, while also providing a nurturing environment. Crompton’s portrayal of children as curious observers of societal norms is a recurring theme in her work, with characters like William and his Outlaws often emerging victorious despite the odds.

Author Richmal Crompton

Richmal Crompton’s books have left a lasting impact on readers, as they not only offer entertaining and humorous stories but also present thoughtful ideological lessons. Through her beloved character William Brown, Crompton explores themes such as friendship, honesty, and the importance of staying true to oneself. Her clever storytelling and relatable characters have made her books timeless classics that continue to resonate with readers of all ages.

FAQs about author Richmal Crompton

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