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Robert Silverberg is a prolific American author known for his works of science fiction and fantasy. Throughout his career, he has written over 100 novels and numerous short stories, exploring themes such as human evolution, the nature of consciousness, and the impact of technology on society. He has received multiple awards and nominations for his contributions to the genre.

Robert Silverberg Books in Order

  1. Lord Valentine’s Castle (Lord Valentine, #1)
  2. Legends
  3. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, 1929-1964
  4. Dying Inside
  5. Majipoor Chronicles (Lord Valentine, #2)
  6. The Book of Skulls
  7. A Time of Changes
  8. Nightwings
  9. Downward to the Earth
  10. Valentine Pontifex (Lord Valentine, #3)

Summary of Robert Silverberg Books in Order

Lord Valentine’s Castle (Lord Valentine, #1)

Lord Valentine’s Castle is a science fiction novel set in a world where telepathic individuals form the ruling class. The story follows Lord Valentine, a man who wakes up with no memories of his past, and becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow the ruling regime. As Valentine travels across the planet, he encounters various characters and creatures, all while trying to recover his lost memories and fulfill his destiny as the rightful ruler.

The novel is filled with intricate world-building and imaginative landscapes, as well as complex political intrigue and power struggles. The society depicted in the book is hierarchical, with the telepathic ruling class living in luxury while the non-telepathic lower classes struggle to survive. As Valentine navigates this world, he must confront the truths about his own identity and the nature of power and authority.

Overall, Lord Valentine’s Castle is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of identity, power, and society. With its richly detailed world and engaging plot, the novel offers readers a gripping adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and profound themes.


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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, 1929-1964

“The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, 1929-1964” is a collection of some of the finest short science fiction stories from the golden age of the genre. The book features works by renowned authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert A. Heinlein, among others. These stories have stood the test of time and are considered classics in the science fiction genre. The anthology offers a fascinating journey through the evolution of science fiction and showcases the imaginative worlds and thought-provoking ideas that have captivated readers for decades.

The anthology is divided into two parts: The Golden Age and The Silver Age of Science Fiction, covering stories published from the late 1920s to the mid-1960s. Each story is accompanied by a brief introduction that provides context and insight into its significance. From tales of space exploration and alien encounters to thought-provoking visions of the future, the anthology offers a diverse range of themes and styles that have helped shape the landscape of science fiction literature.

“The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, 1929-1964” serves as a comprehensive and indispensable collection for both long-time fans of the genre and newcomers looking to explore its rich history. The anthology captures the imaginative and visionary spirit of science fiction, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the genre’s evolution and impact on popular culture.

Dying Inside

“Dying Inside” by Robert Silverberg is a novel that follows the life of David Selig, a telepath who is losing his ability as he ages. The story is told from David’s perspective as he reflects on his life and experiences, from childhood to adulthood. As his telepathic abilities fade, David struggles to come to terms with the loss of his defining trait and his place in the world. The novel explores themes of identity, relationships, and the passage of time, as David grapples with his diminishing powers and the impact they have had on his life.

Throughout the book, David faces the challenge of maintaining a connection to the world and the people around him as he loses his telepathic abilities. He struggles with loneliness and a sense of alienation, as well as the fear of becoming ordinary. The novel also delves into David’s relationships with others, including his troubled romantic relationships and his complex family dynamics. As David grapples with his diminishing powers, he begins to recognize the value of human connection and the need for acceptance and understanding from others.

The novel is a poignant exploration of the human experience and the struggle to find purpose and meaning in the face of loss. David’s journey is both deeply personal and universal, as he confronts the challenges of aging and the inevitable changes that come with it. “Dying Inside” is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant novel that examines the fragility of identity and the resilience of the human spirit.

Majipoor Chronicles (Lord Valentine, #2)

“Majipoor Chronicles” by Robert Silverberg is a collection of short stories set in the fantastical world of Majipoor. Through various narratives, the author explores the intricate history, cultures, and characters of this richly imagined universe. From the drama of political intrigue to the quiet moments of personal reflection, the stories cover a wide range of themes and emotions, offering readers a comprehensive look at the diverse aspects of life on Majipoor.

The book delves into the lives of both common folk and powerful figures, weaving together a tapestry of interconnected stories that shed light on the complexities of the world. Themes of identity, morality, and ambition are explored in depth, as characters confront their own desires and the ramifications of their actions. With Silverberg’s vivid descriptions and thoughtful prose, readers are fully immersed in the enchanting and thought-provoking world of Majipoor, making for a captivating and engaging read.

Through its varied characters and compelling narratives, “Majipoor Chronicles” offers a comprehensive exploration of a vibrant and multifaceted world. Whether delving into the lives of kings and emperors or following the daily struggles of ordinary citizens, the book provides a rich tapestry of experiences that will captivate readers and leave a lasting impression. With its skillful storytelling and imaginative world-building, the book stands as a notable contribution to the genre of fantasy literature.

The Book of Skulls

“The Book of Skulls” by Robert Silverberg is a science fiction novel that follows the journey of four college friends who set out on a road trip to Arizona in search of a mysterious cult that promises the secret of immortality. The friends stumble upon an ancient monastery where they learn about a ritual that could grant them eternal life, but at a cost. As they delve deeper into the mysteries of the monastery, they realize that they must sacrifice one of their own in order to gain immortality, leading to a harrowing exploration of mortality, friendship, and the human desire for eternal life.

The novel is a psychological thriller that explores the theme of mortality and the lengths people are willing to go to in order to cheat death. The story is told through the perspectives of the four friends, each grappling with their own fears and desires as they confront the possibility of immortality. As the friends struggle with the dark consequences of the ritual, they are forced to confront their own mortality and the true nature of the cult they have stumbled upon.

Silverberg’s novel is a thought-provoking exploration of the human quest for eternal life and the moral dilemmas that arise when faced with the choice between mortality and immortality. The book challenges readers to consider the nature of life, death, and the value of the limited time we have on Earth, making it a compelling and thought-provoking read.

A Time of Changes

“A Time of Changes” by Robert Silverberg is a science fiction novel set in a future world where cultural norms and values have shifted dramatically. The protagonist, Kinnall Darival, is a member of a society where emotional and physical intimacy is considered taboo, and people are expected to keep their thoughts and feelings hidden from one another. However, Kinnall becomes disillusioned with these strict societal rules and decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and rebellion against the established order.

As Kinnall travels through different worlds and encounters new cultures, he begins to question the beliefs that have been ingrained in him since childhood. He forms meaningful connections with individuals who challenge his preconceived notions about love, friendship, and authentic human connection. Through these experiences, Kinnall undergoes a profound personal transformation and starts to embrace vulnerability and openness in his relationships, even as he risks ostracism and persecution from his own people.

The novel explores themes of individuality, freedom, and the power of love to transcend societal limitations. “A Time of Changes” is an introspective and thought-provoking exploration of identity and the human experience, set against the backdrop of a vividly imagined future society.


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Downward to the Earth

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Valentine Pontifex (Lord Valentine, #3)

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Who is Robert Silverberg

In the database, there are numerous authors with the name Robert Silverberg, but this particular Robert Silverberg is a highly esteemed and beloved science fiction writer. He is renowned for his contemporary classics such as Dying Inside, Downward to the Earth, and Lord Valentine’s Castle, as well as At Winter’s End, which is available in a Bison Books edition. Additionally, he has served as the past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and has been the recipient of five Nebula Awards and five Hugo Awards. In 2004, he was honored with the Grand Master Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, making him one of only twenty-nine writers to have received such a distinction.

Author Robert Silverberg

In conclusion, Robert Silverberg’s extensive body of work offers readers a diverse range of imaginative and thought-provoking stories that delve into themes of humanity, spirituality, and the complexity of the universe. His books provide valuable insights into the human condition, the nature of reality, and the potential of the future, challenging readers to contemplate their own existence and the world around them. With an unparalleled ability to craft compelling and immersive narratives, Silverberg’s books stand as a testament to his enduring impact on the science fiction genre and his ability to inspire readers to question the ideological underpinnings of their own lives.

FAQs about author Robert Silverberg

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