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Ronald Harwood is a renowned British author known for his poignant exploration of themes related to human relationships, identity, and morality. Throughout his career, he has written numerous books that have captivated readers with their depth and emotional resonance.

Ronald Harwood Books in Order

  1. The Dresser
  2. Taking Sides – Acting Edition
  3. Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  4. Quartet & Equally Divided
  5. The Girl in Melanie Klein
  6. All the World’s a Stage
  7. Quartet
  8. Home
  9. The Pianist & Taking Sides
  10. César and Augusta

Overview of Ronald Harwood Books in Order

The Dresser

“The Dresser” is a play written by Ronald Harwood that takes place in England during World War II. The story revolves around Sir, an aging and temperamental actor, and his loyal dresser, Norman. As the war rages on, the theater company is struggling to put on a production of “King Lear,” and Sir’s health is declining. Norman is dedicated to taking care of Sir and ensuring that the show goes on, despite the actor’s increasing frailty and emotional instability. The play explores the complex and sometimes contentious relationship between Sir and Norman, as well as the sacrifices and dedication required in the world of theater.

The play delves into the themes of aging, loyalty, and the transformative power of theater. As Sir becomes increasingly difficult to manage, Norman’s devotion to his employer and to the theater is put to the test. The story also highlights the challenges of maintaining artistic integrity in the midst of war and personal turmoil. Through the interactions between Sir and Norman, the play offers a poignant and sometimes humorous glimpse into the world of theater and the people who inhabit it.

Ronald Harwood’s “The Dresser” is a powerful exploration of the human spirit and the impact of art in times of adversity. The play has been praised for its compelling characters, insightful dialogue, and emotional depth, making it a timeless work that continues to resonate with audiences.

Taking Sides – Acting Edition

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Diving Bell and the Butterfly

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Quartet & Equally Divided

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The Girl in Melanie Klein

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All the World’s a Stage

“All the World’s a Stage” by Ronald Harwood is a memoir that offers an intimate look at the author’s life and career in the world of theater. Harwood shares personal stories and reflections on his experiences as a playwright, screenwriter, and theater critic. The book provides insight into the challenges and triumphs of a life dedicated to the arts, and offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the creative process and the world of theater.

Harwood’s memoir also delves into his collaborations with renowned figures in the entertainment industry, providing anecdotes and insights into his relationships with actors, directors, and other artists. The book explores the ways in which Harwood’s personal and professional life intersect and influence each other, offering a rich and honest portrayal of the complexities of a life in the performing arts. Through his engaging storytelling, Harwood brings readers into his world and shares the joys and struggles of a life lived on the stage.

With humor, candor, and wisdom, “All the World’s a Stage” offers a captivating portrait of a life dedicated to the theater. Harwood’s memoir is a compelling read for anyone interested in the performing arts, providing a unique perspective on the creative process and the power of storytelling. Whether recounting memorable productions or reflecting on the impact of his work, Harwood’s memoir is a testament to the enduring power of the theater and the passion that drives those who dedicate their lives to it.


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The Pianist & Taking Sides

“The Pianist & Taking Sides” by Ronald Harwood is a collection of two of the author’s most famous plays. The first play, “The Pianist,” is a moving story of a Jewish pianist’s struggle for survival during the Holocaust. Set in Warsaw during World War II, the play follows the pianist’s journey as he seeks refuge and fights for his life amidst the horrors of the Nazi occupation. The play is a poignant and powerful exploration of the human spirit and the ability to find beauty and strength in the darkest of times.

The second play, “Taking Sides,” is a compelling dramatization of the confrontation between a renowned conductor and an American major investigating his alleged collaboration with the Nazis during the war. Set in post-war Berlin, the play delves into themes of guilt, responsibility, and the complexity of human morality. As the conductor steadfastly defends his actions and his artistic integrity, the major struggles to uncover the truth and hold him accountable for his past.

Through these two thought-provoking plays, Ronald Harwood offers a profound exploration of moral dilemmas, the impact of war, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The collection provides a compelling and insightful look into two different but interconnected stories that will resonate with readers long after they have finished reading.

César and Augusta

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About Ronald Harwood

Sir Ronald Harwood, CBE, FRSL, was a highly acclaimed author, playwright, and screenwriter, best known for his work on the British stage and his award-winning screenplays. He received an Oscar nomination for his work on The Dresser and won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Pianist. His talent and contributions to the entertainment industry have left a lasting impact on audiences around the world.

Author Ronald Harwood

In conclusion, the works of Ronald Harwood demonstrate a keen understanding of the human condition, portraying characters grappling with moral dilemmas and existential struggles. His novels and plays offer profound insights into the complexities of human relationships and the impact of historical and social contexts on individual lives. Through his poignant storytelling and rich character development, Harwood imparts valuable ideological lessons about the enduring themes of love, loss, and the pursuit of personal and artistic fulfillment. Overall, his body of work leaves a lasting impression on readers, prompting introspection and a deeper understanding of the universal experiences that shape us as individuals.

FAQs about author Ronald Harwood

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