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Sam Crescent is a prolific writer known for her steamy romance novels and dark, alpha male characters. With over 200 books to her name, she has become a popular figure in the romance genre, captivating readers with her irresistible storytelling and captivating themes.

Sam Crescent Books in Order

  1. Lash (The Skulls, #1)
  2. Devil’s Charm (Chaos Bleeds MC #1)
  3. Murphy (The Skulls, #2)
  4. Tiny (The Skulls, #4)
  5. Nash (The Skulls, #3)
  6. Owned by the Bastard (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, #1)
  7. Control (Trojans MC #1)
  8. Ripper’s Torment (Chaos Bleeds MC, #2)
  9. Killer (The Skulls, #5)
  10. Alpha Bully (The Alpha Shifter Collection #5)

Synopsis of Sam Crescent Books in Order

Lash (The Skulls, #1)

“Lash (The Skulls, #1)” by Sam Crescent is the first book in a series that follows the story of a biker gang called The Skulls. The story focuses on Lash, a member of The Skulls, who finds himself drawn to a woman named Simone. Despite his initial resistance to forming personal connections, Lash cannot help but feel the pull towards Simone. As the two navigate their complicated relationship, they face challenges from the outside world and within The Skulls.

The novel delves into the inner workings of The Skulls biker gang and explores the dynamics between the members. Lash is a complex character who is torn between his loyalty to The Skulls and his growing feelings for Simone. As their romance unfolds, the book presents a blend of passion, danger, and intrigue.

Readers are taken on a journey through the gritty underworld of biker culture, where loyalties are tested and alliances are formed. The novel is filled with intense emotions and gripping plot lines, making it a compelling read for fans of romance and motorcycle club fiction.

Devil’s Charm (Chaos Bleeds MC #1)

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Murphy (The Skulls, #2)

Murphy (The Skulls, #2) by Sam Crescent tells the story of Murphy and Arabella, who are brought together by their families’ criminal connections. Murphy is a member of the notorious Skulls motorcycle club, while Arabella’s father is involved in organized crime. Despite the dangers and complications involved, Murphy is drawn to Arabella, and the two begin a passionate and tumultuous relationship. As they navigate the challenges of their respective backgrounds, they find themselves entangled in a web of violence, betrayal, and tragedy. The novel explores themes of loyalty, love, and the consequences of living a life of crime.

The story delves into the complexities of navigating relationships within the criminal underworld, as well as the consequences of being associated with criminal organizations. The characters must confront the dangers and moral dilemmas that come with their choices, as they navigate their feelings for each other while grappling with the harsh realities of their circumstances. The novel also offers a gritty portrayal of the biker subculture and the turbulent dynamics within the Skulls motorcycle club.

The novel is a blend of romance, suspense, and drama, as Murphy and Arabella find themselves caught in a world of violence and intrigue. Their love is tested as they confront the harsh realities of their upbringing and struggle to find a way to be together while facing the threats and challenges that come with their criminal connections. Throughout the story, the characters must grapple with their own moral compasses and make difficult decisions that will ultimately determine their fate.

Tiny (The Skulls, #4)

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Nash (The Skulls, #3)

Nash (The Skulls, #3) by Sam Crescent is a novel that follows the story of Nash, a member of The Skulls motorcycle club, and Tatum, a woman trying to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend. Nash is immediately drawn to Tatum when he sees her at a party, and he vows to protect her from her dangerous ex. As their relationship develops, Tatum struggles to trust Nash and let go of her past traumas, while Nash fights to keep her safe from harm. The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the healing power of a strong and supportive relationship.

In Nash (The Skulls, #3), Sam Crescent creates a gripping and emotional story that keeps readers hooked until the very end. The novel delves into the complex dynamics of a motorcycle club and the violent world its members inhabit. Through Nash and Tatum’s romance, Crescent also examines the importance of finding love and support in the midst of chaos and danger. The novel is a blend of romance, suspense, and action, making it a compelling read for fans of romantic fiction and motorcycle club dramas.

Nash (The Skulls, #3) is a powerful and engaging novel that showcases Sam Crescent’s skill at creating intense and passionate love stories. The novel is a part of The Skulls series, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone book. With its well-developed characters and fast-paced plot, Nash is sure to captivate readers who enjoy romance novels with a hint of danger and excitement.

Owned by the Bastard (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, #1)

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Control (Trojans MC #1)

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Ripper’s Torment (Chaos Bleeds MC, #2)

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Killer (The Skulls, #5)

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Alpha Bully (The Alpha Shifter Collection #5)

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Biography Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent’s love for fiction, especially in the realm of erotic romance, led her to pursue a career as a writer. After starting in 2009, she eventually received her first acceptance from Total-E-Bound in 2011. With a passion for creating new characters and immersive worlds, Sam also enjoys spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and occasionally creating culinary disasters. Despite the occasional mishap, much like in her stories, there are also moments of culinary success.

Author Sam Crescent

In conclusion, the books of Sam Crescent have provided readers with a diverse range of compelling stories and characters that explore themes of love, family, and overcoming adversity. Through her writing, Crescent has demonstrated a talent for crafting emotionally charged and steamy romances that resonate with readers. Her books also offer powerful messages about the importance of acceptance, forgiveness, and the unconditional nature of love, making them a valuable addition to the romance genre. Crescent’s ability to skillfully weave together these ideological lessons into her stories has made her a celebrated author among romance enthusiasts.

FAQs about author Sam Crescent

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