Shiromi Arserio books in order – Series List June 2024

Shiromi Arserio is a prolific author known for her captivating and imaginative work. Her writing often centers around themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the power of resilience. With a remarkable talent for storytelling, Arserio has written numerous books that have resonated with readers around the world.

Shiromi Arserio Books in Order

  1. The Villa
  2. Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations
  3. The Jasmine Throne
  4. The Last Garden in England
  5. The Girl of Ink and Stars
  6. Thorn
  7. Poems of the Elder Edda: The Middle Ages Series
  8. The Huntsman’s Tale
  9. Becca
  10. Much Ado About Nothing: A Play on Shakespeare

Synopsis of Shiromi Arserio Books in Order

The Villa

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Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations

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The Jasmine Throne

“The Jasmine Throne” by Shiromi Arserio is a powerful and emotionally resonant novel set in a world of political intrigue and magic. The story follows two women, one a princess and the other a maidservant, who form an unlikely alliance to bring down a tyrannical regime. Through their complex and compelling characters, the author explores themes of power, love, and sacrifice in a richly imagined fantasy world.

The novel is praised for its well-crafted world-building, incorporating elements of South Asian culture and mythology. The author’s lush prose and intricate plotting draw readers in, creating a vivid and immersive reading experience. The book also delves into the characters’ internal struggles and desires, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

“The Jasmine Throne” is a gripping and thought-provoking tale that will appeal to fans of epic fantasy and political intrigue. With its diverse cast of characters, compelling storytelling, and evocative world-building, the novel offers a fresh and original take on the genre. Shiromi Arserio’s debut novel is a remarkable achievement, and a must-read for fans of fantasy literature.

The Last Garden in England

“The Last Garden in England” by Shiromi Arserio is a historical fiction novel that tells the intertwining stories of three women from different time periods who are all connected by a garden. The novel is set in the picturesque English countryside and spans from the early 20th century to the present day. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a journey through the lives of three women – Venetia Smith, Diana Symonds, and Emma Lovell – as they each grapple with their own personal struggles and find solace in the beauty of the garden.

Venetia Smith is a talented and ambitious garden designer who is commissioned to create a garden for a wealthy client in 1907. As she works on the garden, she becomes entangled in a love affair and must navigate the complexities of her relationships. Meanwhile, in 1944, land girl Diana Symonds finds herself tending to the same garden during World War II, where she uncovers a hidden secret that will change her life forever. Finally, in present-day England, Emma Lovell is hired to restore the neglected garden and discovers the stories of the women who came before her. As she delves into the history of the garden, she also finds herself confronting her own personal demons.

Through lush and vivid prose, Shiromi Arserio weaves together a tale of love, loss, and resilience, showcasing the enduring power of nature and the human spirit. “The Last Garden in England” is a captivating and emotionally resonant novel that will transport readers to a bygone era and inspire them to find beauty and hope in the midst of adversity.

The Girl of Ink and Stars

“The Girl of Ink and Stars” by Shiromi Arserio is a captivating fantasy novel that follows the journey of Isabella, a young girl living on the island of Joya. Isabella dreams of exploring the forbidden lands beyond her home, but when her best friend goes missing, she embarks on a dangerous quest to find her. Along the way, she discovers a world of myth and magic, encountering ancient legends and creatures that will test her courage and resolve.

Arserio weaves a rich tapestry of adventure and mystery, drawing readers into a world of peril and wonder. The story is filled with beautiful descriptions of the island and its inhabitants, and Isabella’s tenacity and bravery make her a compelling protagonist. As she navigates the treacherous landscape, she learns the truth about her own identity and uncovers long-buried secrets that will change the fate of Joya forever.

“The Girl of Ink and Stars” is a mesmerizing tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of storytelling. Arserio’s lyrical prose and intricate world-building create a mesmerizing reading experience that will enchant readers of all ages. This captivating novel is a must-read for anyone who loves immersive fantasy stories with strong, independent heroines at their core.


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Poems of the Elder Edda: The Middle Ages Series

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The Huntsman’s Tale

“The Huntsman’s Tale” by Shiromi Arserio is a historical fiction novel that takes place in medieval England. The story follows the life of Wolf, a huntsman who is drawn into a plot to overthrow the king. As the political intrigue unfolds, Wolf is forced to navigate a world of shifting allegiances and dangerous power struggles. Along the way, he must confront his own inner demons and make difficult choices that will ultimately shape the fate of the kingdom.

The novel is rich in detail and provides a vivid portrayal of life in medieval England. Arserio’s writing is immersive and brings the sights, sounds, and smells of the time period to life. The story is filled with suspense and intrigue, as well as compelling characters who grapple with complex moral dilemmas. Fans of historical fiction will be captivated by the immersive world-building and gripping narrative of “The Huntsman’s Tale.”

Overall, “The Huntsman’s Tale” is a compelling and atmospheric historical fiction novel that will transport readers to the intrigue-filled world of medieval England. With its richly-drawn characters and engaging plot, the novel is sure to captivate fans of the genre. Shiromi Arserio’s skillful storytelling and meticulous attention to historical detail make this a must-read for anyone who enjoys immersive historical fiction.


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Much Ado About Nothing: A Play on Shakespeare

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Who is Shiromi Arserio

Shiromi Arserio is a British writer and performer who has had the opportunity to live in various parts of the United States, but now calls the Pacific Northwest home. With a BA in Theatre from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, she has experience performing on stage, screen, and in voice over roles. In addition to her work as a performer, Shiromi is also an author, with two short stories available as ebooks and a new trilogy in the works. Her love for literature is evident in her favorite book, Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander.

Author Shiromi Arserio

In conclusion, Shiromi Arserio’s books offer an engaging exploration of characters’ internal struggles and the complex dynamics of relationships. Through her poignant storytelling and compelling narratives, Arserio invites readers to delve into the depths of human emotions and confront meaningful life experiences. Her works delve into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the resilience of the human spirit. Overall, Arserio’s literary contributions offer profound insights into the human condition and provide readers with thought-provoking lessons on perseverance, empathy, and the enduring power of love and connection.

FAQs about author Shiromi Arserio

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