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David Farland is an American author known for the epic fantasy series “The Runelords.” He has written over 50 novels in various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and young adult fiction. Farland is celebrated for his intricate world-building and diverse character development in his works.

David Farland Books in Order

  1. The Runelords (Runelords, #1)
  2. Brotherhood of the Wolf (Runelords, #2)
  3. Wizardborn (Runelords, #3)
  4. The Lair of Bones (Runelords, #4)
  5. Sons of the Oak (Runelords, #5)
  6. Worldbinder (Runelords, #6)
  7. The Wyrmling Horde (Runelords, #7)
  8. Chaosbound (Runelords, #8)
  9. Million Dollar Outlines
  10. Of Mice and Magic (Ravenspell, #1)

Synopsis of David Farland Books in Order

The Runelords (Runelords, #1)

“The Runelords” by David Farland is a fantasy novel set in a world where individuals can acquire extraordinary strength and abilities by “gifting” their attributes to others. The story focuses on the main character, Prince Gaborn Val Orden, as he becomes embroiled in a struggle to protect his kingdom from an impending invasion. The villain of the story, Raj Ahten, is a powerful ruler who seeks to become the “Sum of All Men” by absorbing the gifts of others, leaving them as empty vessels. Gaborn must use his wits and leadership to unite the people of his kingdom and take a stand against Raj Ahten’s forces.

As the conflict escalates, Gaborn is faced with tough decisions and must confront the moral implications of gifting and the responsibilities that come with it. The novel explores themes of power, sacrifice, and the nature of leadership, as well as the consequences of using extraordinary abilities. The Runelords presents a richly imagined world with a complex magic system and a cast of compelling characters forging their destinies in the face of daunting odds.

The novel is the first installment in the Runelords series and serves as an enthralling introduction to a world of epic fantasy, political intrigue, and personal growth. With its vivid storytelling and thought-provoking themes, “The Runelords” invites readers on an adventure that blends high fantasy with moral dilemmas, ultimately delivering a satisfying and immersive reading experience.

Brotherhood of the Wolf (Runelords, #2)

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Wizardborn (Runelords, #3)

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The Lair of Bones (Runelords, #4)

“The Lair of Bones” is the fourth installment in the Runelords series by David Farland. The book follows the story of Prince Gaborn Val Orden as he struggles to maintain control over his kingdom and protect it from various threats. As he works to secure his rule, Gaborn faces challenges from both human and non-human enemies, including powerful sorcerers and monstrous creatures. The novel explores themes of power, leadership, and sacrifice as Gaborn and his allies strive to defend their world against overwhelming forces.

The story is filled with epic battles, political intrigue, and complex relationships between the characters. As Gaborn fights to protect his kingdom, he must also navigate the shifting alliances and rivalries among the ruling class, adding layers of complexity to the plot. Throughout the book, Farland weaves together elements of fantasy, adventure, and political drama to create a rich and immersive world for readers to explore.

“The Lair of Bones” continues the epic saga of the Runelords series, delivering a gripping and action-packed story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. With its blend of compelling characters, intricate plot twists, and imaginative world-building, the book offers a compelling read for fans of epic fantasy.

Sons of the Oak (Runelords, #5)

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Worldbinder (Runelords, #6)

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The Wyrmling Horde (Runelords, #7)

“The Wyrmling Horde” is the seventh book in the Runelords series by David Farland. In this installment, the forces of evil continue to threaten the land as a wyrmling horde, led by a powerful and cunning wyrmling queen, marches towards the heart of the empire. The only hope for the people lies with the Runelords, individuals who can transfer their attributes to others, making them superhuman warriors.

As the wyrmling horde closes in, the Runelords must unite their powers and skills to protect the empire from destruction. The Queen of the Wyrmlings is a formidable foe, and the Runelords face difficult choices and sacrifices as they battle to save their world. The novel is filled with epic battles, political intrigue, and complex characters, making it a thrilling and engaging addition to the series.

“The Wyrmling Horde” delves into themes of power, sacrifice, and the struggle for survival in an epic fantasy world. Farland’s masterful storytelling and rich world-building make this book a must-read for fans of the series, as well as for anyone who enjoys high fantasy novels filled with action and adventure.

Chaosbound (Runelords, #8)

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Million Dollar Outlines

“Million Dollar Outlines” by David Farland is a guidebook for writers looking to improve their storytelling and the commercial viability of their work. Farland draws on his experience as a best-selling author and writing instructor to provide practical advice for crafting compelling story outlines that have the potential to attract a wide audience and achieve commercial success. The book covers topics such as understanding the market, creating engaging characters, designing effective plot structures, and developing a strong sense of theme and world-building to create impactful and marketable stories.

The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs and desires of readers and the market when crafting story outlines, and Farland provides detailed strategies for identifying and meeting those needs. He offers practical exercises and examples to help writers learn how to structure their stories for maximum impact, and provides tools for evaluating and refining their outlines to ensure they have commercial potential. The book also covers the role of outlines in the writing and publishing process, and how they can be used to effectively and efficiently guide the writing process and navigate the complexities of the publishing industry.

“Million Dollar Outlines” is an insightful and practical resource for writers looking to develop their storytelling skills and increase the commercial appeal of their work. Farland’s experience and expertise shine through in the practical and actionable advice he provides, making this book a valuable resource for writers at all stages of their careers.

Of Mice and Magic (Ravenspell, #1)

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Who is David Farland

David Farland, also known as David Wolverton in the science-fiction genre, is the acclaimed author of the bestselling Runelords series, which includes titles such as Chaosbound, The Wyrmling Horde, and Worldbinder. His literary talent has been recognized with awards such as the 1987 Writers of the Future contest, as well as nominations for a Nebula Award and a Hugo Award. In addition to his writing pursuits, Farland has made significant contributions as a video game designer and has shared his expertise through writing seminars across the United States and Canada. He resided in Saint George, Utah until he passed away on January 14, 2022.

Author David Farland

In conclusion, David Farland’s extensive body of work showcases his ability to seamlessly blend elements of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure, creating a compelling and diverse range of stories. Farland’s novels also impart important ideological lessons, often exploring themes of morality, sacrifice, and the power of choice, as well as the consequences of one’s actions. Through his thought-provoking storytelling, Farland encourages readers to consider the complexity of human nature and the impact of individual decisions on the world around them, making his books both entertaining and enlightening reads.

FAQs about author David Farland

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