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Lori G. Armstrong is a prolific author known for her compelling and suspenseful novels. She has written numerous books, many of which revolve around themes of mystery, crime, and the complexities of human relationships. With her evocative storytelling and richly developed characters, Armstrong has garnered a dedicated following of readers.

Lori G. Armstrong Books in Order

  1. Blood Ties (PI Julie Collins, #1)
  2. No Mercy (Mercy Gunderson Mystery #1)
  3. Hallowed Ground (PI Julie Collins, #2)
  4. Mercy Kill (Mercy Gunderson Mystery, #2)
  5. Shallow Grave (PI Julie Collins, #3)
  6. Snow Blind (PI Julie Collins, #4)
  7. Merciless (Mercy Gunderson Mystery #3)
  8. Guns and Roses (PI Julie Collins; Bobbie Faye, #3.5; Rough Riders; Bullet Catcher, #8.5; Shadow Stalkers, #3; Housewife Assassin)
  9. Silent Mercy (A Mercy Gunderson Mystery, #2.5)
  10. Dead Flowers

Synopsis of Lori G. Armstrong Books in Order

Blood Ties (PI Julie Collins, #1)

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No Mercy (Mercy Gunderson Mystery #1)

“No Mercy” is the first book in the Mercy Gunderson Mystery series by Lori G. Armstrong. The story revolves around Mercy Gunderson, a former army sniper who returns to her family’s South Dakota ranch after a tour in Afghanistan. Mercy’s homecoming is marred by tragedy when her father is killed in a suspicious hunting accident. Determined to uncover the truth behind her father’s death, Mercy becomes embroiled in a web of secrets and lies that lead her to confront the dark underbelly of her hometown.

As Mercy delves deeper into the investigation, she uncovers long-buried family secrets and becomes entangled in a deadly conspiracy that puts her own life at risk. Along the way, she must navigate the complexities of her strained relationships with her mother and brothers, as well as confront her own inner demons from her time in the military. With the help of her ex-lover and a local sheriff, Mercy races against time to unravel the truth and bring her father’s killer to justice.

“No Mercy” is a gripping mystery novel that combines the rugged beauty of the South Dakota landscape with a compelling and flawed protagonist. Lori G. Armstrong weaves a tale of suspense and intrigue, as Mercy Gunderson struggles to come to terms with her past while seeking redemption and justice for her family. With its fast-paced plot and vivid characters, “No Mercy” is a thrilling start to a series that promises to captivate readers with its mix of heart-pounding action and emotional depth.

Hallowed Ground (PI Julie Collins, #2)

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Mercy Kill (Mercy Gunderson Mystery, #2)

Mercy Kill, the second book in Lori G. Armstrong’s Mercy Gunderson Mystery series, follows ex-Marine Mercy Gunderson as she investigates the murder of her family’s ranch hand. Mercy is struggling with PTSD and trying to adjust to civilian life when she finds herself embroiled in the mystery of her friend’s death. As she digs deeper into the case, she uncovers a web of secrets and corruption that puts her own life in danger.

The novel delves into Mercy’s complex relationship with her family and her struggles with her own demons. As she navigates the treacherous world of small-town politics and crime, she must confront her past and the traumas that still haunt her. The book is a gripping and intense thriller that highlights the resilience of its tough-as-nails protagonist.

Mercy Kill is a gritty and compelling mystery that delves into the underbelly of rural America while also addressing important issues like PTSD and the challenges facing returning veterans. Lori G. Armstrong’s sharp writing and keen eye for detail make it a must-read for fans of crime fiction and strong female protagonists.

Shallow Grave (PI Julie Collins, #3)

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Snow Blind (PI Julie Collins, #4)

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Merciless (Mercy Gunderson Mystery #3)

Merciless follows the story of Mercy Gunderson, a former army sniper turned rogue cop, as she investigates a murder linked to her own family’s dark history. Set against the backdrop of rural South Dakota, Mercy finds herself embroiled in a web of lies and secrets that threaten to tear her family apart. As she digs deeper into the case, Mercy must confront long-buried traumas and face the truth about her troubled past.

The novel is a fast-paced, gritty mystery filled with complex characters and a strong sense of place. Armstrong’s vivid prose brings the harsh beauty of the South Dakota landscape to life, creating a rich and immersive setting for the story. The tension is palpable as Mercy uncovers the truth behind the murder, leading to a shocking confrontation that will test her loyalties and her resolve.

Merciless is a gripping, atmospheric thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. Lori G. Armstrong delivers a compelling mystery with a tough, nuanced protagonist and a compelling plot that delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Guns and Roses (PI Julie Collins; Bobbie Faye, #3.5; Rough Riders; Bullet Catcher, #8.5; Shadow Stalkers, #3; Housewife Assassin)

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Silent Mercy (A Mercy Gunderson Mystery, #2.5)

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Dead Flowers

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About Lori G. Armstrong

Lori Armstrong is a highly acclaimed author, having won the prestigious Shamus Award given by the Private Eye Writers of America twice. She is also a New York Times bestselling author, known for her contemporary western erotic romance novels written under the pen name Lorelei James. Her literary works have received the Willa Cather Literary Award and have been nominated for both the High Plains Book Award and the Daphne du Maurier Award. Currently residing in western South Dakota, Armstrong’s success in the literary world is evident through her accomplishments and recognition in the industry.

Author Lori G. Armstrong

Lori G. Armstrong’s books offer a compelling mix of suspense, romance, and strong female protagonists, providing readers with an engaging and thrilling reading experience. Her stories also delve into important themes such as resilience, the power of forgiveness, and the impact of personal choices, ultimately delivering valuable ideological lessons that resonate with readers long after they finish the last page. Armstrong’s thought-provoking narratives and multifaceted characters make her books a captivating and enriching addition to the literary world.

FAQs about author Lori G. Armstrong

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