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P.J. Hoover is a prolific author known for her thought-provoking science fiction and fantasy novels for young readers. She has written numerous books that explore themes of mythology, technology, and adventure.

P.J. Hoover Books in Order

  1. Solstice
  2. The Curse of Hera (Camp Hercules #1)
  3. Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life (Tut: My Immortal Life #1)
  4. The Emerald Tablet (The Forgotten Worlds, #1)
  5. The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, # 2)
  6. The Hidden Code
  7. The Necropolis (The Forgotten Worlds #3)
  8. Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World (Tut: My Immortal Life #2)
  9. The Knife of Osiris (Curse of King Tut #1)
  10. The Serpent of Chaos (Curse of King Tut #2)

Overview of P.J. Hoover Books in Order


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The Curse of Hera (Camp Hercules #1)

“The Curse of Hera (Camp Hercules #1)” by P.J. Hoover is the first book in a series that follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old Phoebe Katz as she navigates the challenges of attending Camp Hercules, a summer camp for demigods. Phoebe is not like the other campers – she’s a mortal with no special powers, and she’s constantly overlooked by her fellow campers and counselors. But when a curse threatens to destroy the camp, it’s up to Phoebe to prove that she’s just as capable as the demigods and save the camp from destruction.

The book is a mix of Greek mythology and contemporary adventure, with Phoebe encountering mythical creatures and battling monsters as she strives to overcome her limitations and find her place at Camp Hercules. As she learns to be brave and resourceful, she discovers the true meaning of heroism and friendship. With a fast-paced plot and engaging characters, “The Curse of Hera” is an exciting and empowering read for young readers.

The story also touches on themes of self-acceptance, perseverance, and the power of teamwork. Phoebe’s journey is relatable to anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t quite fit in, and her determination to prove herself is inspiring. “The Curse of Hera” is a thrilling start to a series that will appeal to fans of mythology and action-packed adventure.

Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life (Tut: My Immortal Life #1)

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The Emerald Tablet (The Forgotten Worlds, #1)

“The Emerald Tablet” by P.J. Hoover is the first book in “The Forgotten Worlds” series. The story follows Benjamin, a young boy who discovers a mysterious box that reveals a hidden world filled with Egyptian mythology and magic. With the help of his friend, a girl named Tessa, Benjamin must navigate dangerous challenges and uncover the truth behind the ancient Emerald Tablet.

As Benjamin and Tessa venture deeper into the hidden world, they encounter powerful gods and mythical creatures that threaten their lives. They must decipher the secrets of the Emerald Tablet in order to save themselves and the world from a looming catastrophe. The story is filled with adventure, suspense, and unexpected twists as the two young protagonists race against time to unlock the tablet’s ancient powers.

“The Emerald Tablet” is a thrilling and imaginative tale that combines elements of fantasy and mythology. P.J. Hoover weaves a captivating narrative that will enthrall readers of all ages. The book’s rich world-building and well-developed characters make it a compelling read for anyone who enjoys epic adventures and ancient legends.

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The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, # 2)

“The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, #2)” is the second book in P.J. Hoover’s young adult fantasy series. In this installment, main character Coryssa Javert is determined to save her best friend, enclave sister, and the love of her life from the clutches of the power-hungry High Council. To accomplish this, she must undertake a dangerous journey to the ancient place known as the navel of the world. Along the way, she encounters mythical creatures, ancient deities, and treacherous landscapes.

Throughout the book, Coryssa must navigate internal struggles as well, grappling with difficult decisions and questioning the very nature of power. As secrets are revealed and betrayals come to light, Coryssa must rely on her wits and inner strength to survive. Hoover weaves a gripping narrative filled with adventure, danger, and intrigue that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

“The Navel of the World” is a thrilling continuation of the Forgotten Worlds series, filled with rich world-building and complex, multidimensional characters. P.J. Hoover skillfully combines elements of mythology, adventure, and personal growth to create a compelling story that will captivate readers of all ages.

The Hidden Code

“The Hidden Code” by P.J. Hoover is a fast-paced adventure novel for young adults that combines suspense, mystery, and technology. The story follows 13-year-old Brigit as she discovers a hidden code that can control the human mind, and her efforts to stop its dangerous use. Brigit finds herself immersed in a world of ancient secrets and futuristic technology as she works to unravel the mystery behind the code and its potential implications.

As Brigit delves deeper into the code’s origins and its significance, she encounters formidable adversaries, including a powerful organization that will stop at nothing to possess the code’s power. With the help of her friends and allies, Brigit must navigate treacherous obstacles and outmaneuver her foes to safeguard the code and prevent catastrophe from unfolding. Along the way, she learns the importance of courage, determination, and the strength of her convictions.

“The Hidden Code” takes readers on an exhilarating journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, as Brigit uncovers the truth behind the enigmatic code and its impact on the world. P.J. Hoover’s captivating storytelling and imaginative world-building make this book an engaging read for anyone who enjoys a thrilling and thought-provoking tale.

The Necropolis (The Forgotten Worlds #3)

“The Necropolis” by P.J. Hoover is the third book in “The Forgotten Worlds” series. The story follows the protagonist, Phoebe Plumm, as she continues her adventures in a world filled with mythical creatures and ancient magic. Phoebe, along with her friends, must navigate dangerous landscapes and confront powerful enemies in their quest to restore peace to the Forgotten Worlds.

As Phoebe and her friends delve deeper into the mysteries of the Forgotten Worlds, they must confront their own inner demons and make difficult choices that will determine the fate of the realms they have come to love. The book delves into themes of friendship, courage, and the struggle between good and evil, as Phoebe battles formidable foes and uncovers the long-buried secrets of the ancient world.

“The Necropolis” is a thrilling and magical adventure that will captivate readers with its imaginative world-building, action-packed plot, and well-developed characters. P.J. Hoover weaves a compelling tale of bravery and sacrifice as Phoebe and her companions face their greatest challenges yet in their quest to save the Forgotten Worlds from destruction.

Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World (Tut: My Immortal Life #2)

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The Knife of Osiris (Curse of King Tut #1)

“The Knife of Osiris (Curse of King Tut #1)” by P.J. Hoover is a thrilling young adult novel that follows the adventures of four teenagers who accidentally awaken the curse of King Tutankhamen. When their school trip to the Egyptian exhibit in a local museum goes awry, they find themselves in possession of an ancient knife that may hold the key to breaking the curse. As they race against time to unravel the mystery and protect themselves from the wrath of the ancient pharaoh, they must navigate through treacherous obstacles and outsmart dangerous adversaries.

The book is filled with suspense, action, and a touch of history as the characters delve deep into the mythology of ancient Egypt. P.J. Hoover masterfully weaves together the modern-day setting with the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, offering readers a fascinating and immersive experience. The character development and relationships between the protagonists add depth to the story, making it not only a thrilling adventure but also a heartwarming tale of friendship and courage.

“The Knife of Osiris” is a captivating and well-written novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. With its blend of mystery, mythology, and suspense, it is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. As the first installment in the Curse of King Tut series, it sets the stage for an epic and unforgettable journey that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next book.

The Serpent of Chaos (Curse of King Tut #2)

“The Serpent of Chaos (Curse of King Tut #2)” by P.J. Hoover is the second book in the Curse of King Tut series. This adventurous young adult novel follows the story of a group of teenagers who must travel back in time to ancient Egypt to stop a powerful serpent from unleashing chaos upon the world. The characters face dangerous challenges and must rely on their intelligence and bravery to succeed in their mission.

The novel explores themes of friendship, courage, and the consequences of meddling with powerful forces. As the characters navigate through the ancient world, they encounter mythical creatures and face moral dilemmas. The book is filled with action, suspense, and moments of self-discovery as the characters grow and learn from their experiences.

Readers who enjoy action-packed stories with elements of fantasy and historical fiction will be drawn to “The Serpent of Chaos (Curse of King Tut #2)” as it takes them on an exhilarating journey through time and ancient Egypt. P.J. Hoover’s imaginative storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the ancient world to life, creating an immersive reading experience for young adult readers.

About P.J. Hoover

P. J. Hoover discovered her passion for Greek mythology in sixth grade after reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton. Despite a successful career as an electrical engineer, designing computer chips, P. J. eventually followed her heart and began writing books for young readers. When she’s not immersed in the world of mythology, P. J. enjoys spending time with her family, practicing Kung Fu, solving Rubik’s cubes, and indulging in her love for Star Trek. She is also a proud member of THE TEXAS SWEETHEARTS & SCOUNDRELS.

Author P.J. Hoover

In conclusion, P.J. Hoover’s books are an eclectic mix of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology that offer readers a thought-provoking exploration of power, choice, and the impact of technology on society. Through her imaginative storytelling and compelling characters, Hoover delivers powerful ideological lessons about the consequences of our actions, the importance of bravery in the face of adversity, and the ethical implications of technological advancements. Her thought-provoking narratives challenge readers to consider their own values and beliefs, making her books a must-read for anyone seeking a thought-provoking and entertaining literary experience.

FAQs about author P.J. Hoover

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