Teresa Carpenter books in order – Series List June 2024

Teresa Carpenter is an accomplished writer known for her engaging and thought-provoking books. She has written numerous books covering a wide range of themes and genres, establishing herself as a versatile and talented author. Her works have been well-received by readers and critics alike, earning her a reputation as a skilled storyteller.

Teresa Carpenter Books in Order

  1. The Boss’s Surprise Son
  2. Her Baby, His Proposal
  3. Baby Twins: Parents Needed
  4. Baby Under the Christmas Tree
  5. Stolen Kiss from a Prince
  6. Sheriff Needs a Nanny
  7. Single Dad Needs Nanny (Baby on Board #28): Sheriff Needs a Nanny / Nurse, Nanny…Bride! / Romancing the Nanny
  8. The Playboy’s Gift
  9. The CEO’s Surprise Family
  10. Sparks Fly with Mr. Mayor

Synopsis of Teresa Carpenter Books in Order

The Boss’s Surprise Son

“The Boss’s Surprise Son” by Teresa Carpenter follows the story of businesswoman Romy, who is shocked to discover that she has a six-year-old son, Jake, from a past relationship with her former boss, Conall O’Neil. After Jake’s grandmother reaches out to Romy, she is forced to confront her feelings for Conall and the secrets from their past. The book delves into themes of second chances, forgiveness, and the complexities of family dynamics as Romy navigates her unexpected role as a mother and tries to rebuild her relationship with Conall for the sake of their son.

As the story unfolds, Romy and Conall grapple with their past mistakes and the unresolved feelings they still have for each other. They must come to terms with their shared history and find a way to co-parent Jake while facing the challenges and obstacles that come with it. The Boss’s Surprise Son takes readers on a journey of love, forgiveness, and redemption as Romy and Conall navigate the complexities of their past while trying to build a future together as a family.

The book also explores the emotional impact on Jake as he discovers the truth about his parents and the circumstances surrounding his birth. Romy and Conall must find a way to put aside their differences and come together for the well-being of their son, leading to a poignant and heartwarming tale of love, resilience, and the power of family.

Her Baby, His Proposal

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Baby Twins: Parents Needed

Baby Twins: Parents Needed by Teresa Carpenter is a heartwarming and insightful guide for parents who are expecting or already have twins. The book covers a wide range of topics related to parenting twins, including preparing for their arrival, managing the early months, and navigating the challenges of raising two children of the same age. The author draws from her own experiences as a mother of twins, as well as from interviews with other parents, to provide practical advice and support for readers.

The book explores the unique dynamics of twin relationships, offering strategies for fostering individual identities while also nurturing a strong bond between siblings. Teresa Carpenter addresses common concerns such as sleep schedules, feeding routines, and the emotional well-being of both the parents and the twins. She also addresses the societal expectations and misconceptions surrounding twins, providing reassurance and encouragement for parents who may feel overwhelmed by the idea of raising two children at once.

Throughout Baby Twins: Parents Needed, Teresa Carpenter emphasizes the importance of self-care and seeking support from others. She encourages parents to embrace the joys of raising twins while also acknowledging the challenges, and provides practical tips for finding balance and managing the demands of caring for two infants. The book is a valuable resource for anyone navigating the unique journey of parenting twins, offering wisdom, reassurance, and a sense of community for parents facing this rewarding but often overwhelming experience.

Baby Under the Christmas Tree

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Stolen Kiss from a Prince

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Sheriff Needs a Nanny

Sheriff Needs a Nanny by Teresa Carpenter is a heartwarming romance novel that follows the story of Sheriff Teague Bay. After his wife passes away, Teague finds himself struggling to balance his duties as the sheriff and the care of his young daughter. In need of help, he hires a nanny, who turns out to be none other than Emily Kinkaid, his high school sweetheart. As they spend time together, Teague and Emily rekindle their romance and struggle with their feelings for each other. The novel explores themes of healing, forgiveness, and second chances in love.

The small town setting adds to the warm and comforting atmosphere of the story as Teague and Emily navigate their history and the challenges of raising a child together. Carpenter’s writing beautifully captures the emotions and struggles of the characters as they find their way back to each other. The book also delves into the dynamics of family and the importance of communication in relationships. With a mix of heartwarming moments and a touch of suspense, Sheriff Needs a Nanny is a captivating and engaging read for fans of contemporary romance.

Overall, Sheriff Needs a Nanny is a charming and touching story about love, family, and second chances. Carpenter’s storytelling and character development make for an enjoyable and heartwarming read. The novel is a perfect choice for readers who enjoy romance novels with a small town setting and a focus on family dynamics. With well-written characters and a compelling storyline, the book is sure to capture the hearts of romance enthusiasts.

Single Dad Needs Nanny (Baby on Board #28): Sheriff Needs a Nanny / Nurse, Nanny…Bride! / Romancing the Nanny

Single Dad Needs Nanny (Baby on Board #28): Sheriff Needs a Nanny / Nurse, Nanny…Bride! / Romancing the Nanny by Teresa Carpenter is a collection of three heartwarming romance novels centered around single fathers in need of a nanny. In “Sheriff Needs a Nanny,” the sheriff is in desperate need of someone to help care for his son, and an unexpected connection forms between him and the new nanny. “Nurse, Nanny…Bride!” follows the story of a single dad who hires a nurse as a nanny for his daughter, but things get complicated when feelings develop between them. “Romancing the Nanny” tells the tale of a single dad who hires a nanny to help with his son, but soon finds himself falling for her.

These three novels explore the themes of single parenthood, unexpected love, and the challenges of finding balance between personal and professional life. Each story offers a heartfelt and emotional journey as the characters navigate their roles as parents and their growing feelings for the nannies they hire. With engaging plotlines and relatable characters, Single Dad Needs Nanny is a compelling read for fans of contemporary romance.

Teresa Carpenter’s collection of romance novels offers a blend of emotional depth, heartfelt moments, and sweet romance. Readers will be drawn into the stories of single fathers and the nannies who become an integral part of their lives. As the characters navigate the complexities of love and parenting, they discover that sometimes the most unexpected relationships can lead to the greatest happiness. Single Dad Needs Nanny is a delightful collection that will captivate readers from the beginning to the end.

The Playboy’s Gift

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The CEO’s Surprise Family

“The CEO’s Surprise Family” by Teresa Carpenter follows the story of CEO Adam Langford, who is shocked to discover that he has a daughter he never knew about. Upon meeting his daughter, Hannah, he realizes the importance of family and seeks to become a part of her life. As Adam tries to make up for lost time, he also finds himself drawn to Hannah’s beautiful guardian, Laurel Lewis. Despite initial tensions, Adam and Laurel grow closer as they navigate the challenges of co-parenting Hannah and confront their growing feelings for each other.

The book explores themes of family, forgiveness, and second chances as Adam and Laurel grapple with their unexpected situation. As they work through their past mistakes and misunderstandings, they discover the potential for a future together. However, complications arise as they navigate the demands of their careers and the unexpected responsibilities of raising a daughter. The CEO’s Surprise Family is a heartwarming and emotional story about love, sacrifice, and the transformative power of family.

The novel showcases Teresa Carpenter’s talent for writing compelling and relatable characters, as well as her ability to create engaging and emotionally stirring plots. With its blend of romance, family dynamics, and personal growth, “The CEO’s Surprise Family” offers a captivating and uplifting read for fans of contemporary romance.

Sparks Fly with Mr. Mayor

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Biography Teresa Carpenter

Teresa Carpenter is a firm believer in the transformative power of love, especially as depicted in the pages of a romance novel. A dedicated reader, Teresa’s love for literature eventually led her to pursue a career in writing. With over twenty years of experience, she fondly recalls the joy of selling her first book. Based in San Diego, Teresa is surrounded by her close-knit family, who provide unwavering support and motivation for her creative endeavors.

Author Teresa Carpenter

In conclusion, Teresa Carpenter’s books, ranging from mystery novels to true crime nonfiction, showcase her ability to captivate readers with compelling narratives and complex characters. Through her work, Carpenter also highlights important sociopolitical and historical issues, shedding light on the complexities of human nature and the impact of societal norms and beliefs. Her storytelling not only entertains but also provides valuable insight into the human experience and the persistent challenges faced by individuals within different cultural and social contexts.

FAQs about author Teresa Carpenter

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