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Jacqueline Wilson is a well-known British author famous for writing children’s and young adult literature. Known for her empathetic and authentic portrayal of young characters facing difficult situations, Wilson’s stories often explore themes of family, friendship, and social issues. With over 100 books to her name, Jacqueline Wilson has captivated readers around the world with her compelling storytelling and relatable characters.

Jacqueline Wilson Books in Order

  1. The Story of Tracy Beaker (Tracy Beaker, #1)
  2. Double Act
  3. The Illustrated Mum
  4. Girls in Love (Girls in Love, #1)
  5. Vicky Angel
  6. My Sister Jodie
  7. The Suitcase Kid
  8. The Lottie Project
  9. Candyfloss
  10. Lola Rose

Synopsis of Jacqueline Wilson Books in Order

The Story of Tracy Beaker (Tracy Beaker, #1)

“The Story of Tracy Beaker” is a children’s novel written by Jacqueline Wilson. The book is a first-person narrative, told from the perspective of Tracy Beaker, a ten-year-old girl living in a children’s residential care home called the Dumping Ground. Tracy is an imaginative and feisty character who often finds herself in trouble but remains endearing to readers. She dreams of being reunited with her mother, whom she believes is a glamorous Hollywood actress. Throughout the book, Tracy shares her experiences of life in the care home, her relationships with the other children and staff, and her longing for a family of her own.

The novel tackles themes of family, friendship, and belonging, and it also touches on the difficulties faced by children in the care system. Tracy’s candid and sometimes humorous observations make for an engaging and poignant read. Jacqueline Wilson’s sensitive portrayal of Tracy’s inner world has resonated with readers of all ages, and the book has become a beloved classic in children’s literature. “The Story of Tracy Beaker” is the first book in a series, and it has been adapted into a popular television show.

Overall, “The Story of Tracy Beaker” offers a moving and relatable exploration of the complexities of childhood and the universal desire for love and acceptance. With its memorable characters and heartfelt storytelling, the book has captured the hearts of many readers and continues to be celebrated for its charm and emotional depth.

Double Act

“Double Act” by Jacqueline Wilson is a heartwarming and insightful story about identical twins, Ruby and Garnet. The girls are very close and do everything together, but as they get older they start to develop their own unique personalities. The story follows their journey of navigating through the challenges of growing up and discovering themselves while still maintaining their close bond as twins.

The twins are very different in their interests and personalities, with Ruby being more outgoing and adventurous, and Garnet being shy and reserved. As they face new experiences at school and in their personal lives, they learn to support and understand each other’s differences. The story explores themes of identity, friendship, and family dynamics, and is told through the distinctive voices of both Ruby and Garnet.

Throughout the book, readers will see the twins’ close relationship evolve and adapt as they encounter the complexities of growing up. Wilson’s writing skillfully captures the emotional depth of the characters and provides a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of sibling relationships.

The Illustrated Mum

“The Illustrated Mum” by Jacqueline Wilson is a story about two sisters, Dolphin and Star, who live with their colorful and eccentric mother, Marigold. Marigold is known for her numerous tattoos and wild behavior, which often embarrasses her daughters. Despite her unconventional ways, Marigold loves her children and tries her best to care for them as a single mother. However, her unpredictable moods and inability to hold down a steady job create instability in their lives.

As the girls try to navigate their tumultuous home life, they also struggle with the challenges of growing up. Dolphin tries to keep the family together while dealing with the embarrassment of her mother’s behavior. Star, on the other hand, finds solace in her vivid imagination and love for drawing. The book explores themes of mental illness, family dynamics, and the bond between sisters. It touches on the struggles of growing up in a non-traditional family and the importance of love and understanding.

The story is a heartfelt and poignant exploration of the complexities of family life and the resilience of children in the face of adversity. It delves into the struggles of mental illness and the impact it can have on a family, while also celebrating the power of love and creativity. Through their experiences, Dolphin and Star learn the true meaning of family and the importance of standing by each other, no matter what challenges they may face.

Girls in Love (Girls in Love, #1)

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Vicky Angel

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My Sister Jodie

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The Suitcase Kid

“The Suitcase Kid” by Jacqueline Wilson is a heartwarming and poignant novel that follows the story of a young girl named Andy, who is struggling to adjust to her parents’ recent divorce. Andy is forced to shuttle between her mother’s new home and her father’s house, carrying her belongings in a suitcase, which she nicknames “the suitcase kid.” At each house, Andy faces the challenges of dealing with her stepmother and stepsiblings, as well as adjusting to new routines and dynamics.

As Andy navigates the complexities of her new family situations, she also grapples with feelings of loneliness, displacement, and a longing for her old life. She finds solace in her imagination and her pet rabbit, Radish, as she seeks to find her place in her fractured world. With themes of resilience, friendship, and the power of imagination, “The Suitcase Kid” is a moving and relatable story for young readers dealing with similar family transitions.

Through Andy’s eyes, the author skillfully captures the emotional turmoil and confusion that often accompany divorce and blended families, allowing readers to empathize with the protagonist’s experiences. Ultimately, “The Suitcase Kid” is a powerful and touching exploration of the resilience and strength of a young girl navigating through the challenges of family upheaval.

The Lottie Project

“The Lottie Project” by Jacqueline Wilson is a children’s novel that follows the story of a young girl named Charlie, who is assigned to do a project on the Victorian era for school. Instead of focusing on a famous historical figure, Charlie takes an interest in a servant named Lottie from the Victorian era and decides to write her diary as if she were Lottie. Through this project, Charlie learns about the challenges and struggles that Lottie faced as a servant, as well as the social issues of the time period.

As Charlie becomes more involved in Lottie’s story, she begins to draw parallels between Lottie’s life and her own. She discovers a sense of empathy and understanding towards Lottie’s experiences and uses this knowledge to navigate her own problems and relationships in her modern-day life. Throughout the novel, Charlie’s project becomes a way for her to explore the past, understand herself, and develop a greater appreciation for history and the struggles of those who came before her.

“The Lottie Project” is a heartwarming and educational story that explores historical and social issues through the eyes of a young girl. Jacqueline Wilson’s writing engages young readers with themes of empathy, understanding, and the importance of learning from the past. The novel also encourages readers to appreciate the lessons and experiences of previous generations while finding connections to their own lives.


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Lola Rose

“Lola Rose” by Jacqueline Wilson is a compelling and emotional story centered around a young girl named Jayni, who struggles to cope with the challenges of her family life. After Jayni’s father becomes abusive, her mother, Lola Rose, decides to leave him and start a new life in London with Jayni and her brother, Kenny. In their new home, Jayni becomes Lola Rose and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing obstacles such as bullying at school and financial hardships.

As they try to build a new life, Lola Rose becomes ill and the family faces even more challenges. Jayni takes on a new sense of responsibility, and she and Kenny must find creative ways to support themselves and their mother. As Lola Rose’s health deteriorates, Jayni becomes determined to find a way to help her, leading to a beautiful and heartwarming story of love, resilience, and family bonds.

The novel delves into themes of domestic violence, family dynamics, and the strength of love. Jacqueline Wilson’s writing is poignant and engaging, offering a realistic portrayal of the struggles faced by young people in difficult situations. “Lola Rose” ultimately delivers a powerful message of hope and shows the importance of resilience and determination in overcoming adversity.

Who is Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson, a renowned author, was born in Bath in 1945 but spent most of her childhood in Kingston-on-Thames. With a lifelong passion for writing, she penned her first ‘novel’ at the age of nine, filling numerous Woolworths’ exercise books as she grew up. Transitioning from her teenage years into adulthood, Wilson began her career in magazine publishing and journalism before pursuing a full-time writing career. One of her most popular creations is Tracy Beaker, who made her debut in The Story of Tracy Beaker in 1991, illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Wilson has garnered numerous awards for her work, including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, the Smarties Medal, and the Blue Peter People’s Choice Award. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide, with 35 million sold in the UK alone. In recognition of her contributions to literacy, Wilson was awarded the OBE in 2002 and became Dame Jacqueline Wilson in 2008.

Author Jacqueline Wilson

In conclusion, Jacqueline Wilson’s books have resonated with readers for years, offering engaging and relatable stories that address various social and personal issues. Through her diverse range of characters and thought-provoking plots, Wilson tackles themes of identity, family dynamics, mental health, and the power of friendship. Her books challenge traditional gender roles and societal norms, promoting messages of inclusivity, empathy, and self-acceptance. With her unique storytelling style and ability to connect with young readers, Wilson’s books continue to have a lasting impact, encouraging readers to think critically and empathize with others.

FAQs about author Jacqueline Wilson

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