Merri Bright books in order – The Complete List June 2024

Merri Bright is an established author whose work often centers around the themes of love, family, and personal growth. She has written a total of 12 books, each captivating readers with her insightful storytelling and engaging characters.

Merri Bright Books in Order

  1. Lost Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #1)
  2. Fallen Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #2)
  3. Rising Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #3)
  4. The King’s Omega (The Lost Lines, #1)
  5. Sunshine’s Grump (The Billionaire’s Betasitter, #1)
  6. The Guards’ Haven (The Lost Lines, #3)
  7. The Assassin’s Promise (The Lost Lines, #2)
  8. The Queen’s Nest (The Lost Lines, #1.5)
  9. The Duchess’s Designs (The Lost Lines, #3.5)
  10. The Leviathan’s Debt (The Lost Lines, #4)

Synopsis of Merri Bright Books in Order

Lost Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #1)

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Fallen Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #2)

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Rising Feather (The Forgotten Angel, #3)

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The King’s Omega (The Lost Lines, #1)

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Sunshine’s Grump (The Billionaire’s Betasitter, #1)

Sunshine’s Grump by Merri Bright is the first book in The Billionaire’s Betasitter series. The story follows Sunshine, a caring and spirited young woman who takes on the challenge of being a betasitter for the grumpy and demanding billionaire, Mr. Hale. Despite the initial friction between the two, Sunshine’s sunny disposition begins to break through Mr. Hale’s tough exterior, and a touching romance develops between them.

As Sunshine navigates her new role and tries to connect with Mr. Hale, she also faces challenges and obstacles along the way. The story is filled with heartwarming moments as Sunshine brings out the softer side of Mr. Hale and they both learn to open up to each other. The book explores themes of love, family, and personal growth, and it is a delightful and uplifting read for fans of contemporary romance.

With engaging characters and a charming romance, Sunshine’s Grump is a feel-good novel that will leave readers smiling and believing in the power of love and positivity. Merri Bright’s writing is evocative and heartfelt, making this book a captivating and enjoyable read for anyone looking for a heartwarming romantic story.

The Guards’ Haven (The Lost Lines, #3)

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The Assassin’s Promise (The Lost Lines, #2)

“The Assassin’s Promise (The Lost Lines, #2)” by Merri Bright continues the thrilling saga of the Lost Lines series as the protagonist, an assassin named Alex, makes a dangerous promise that will change her life forever. The book delves into the complexities of her character as she navigates through a world filled with political intrigue and betrayal. As the second installment in the series, it expands on the world-building and offers readers a deeper understanding of the intricate web of lies and secrets that Alex is entangled in.

Throughout the book, Alex faces numerous challenges and must confront her own inner demons while also dealing with external threats. The pacing is fast and action-packed, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they follow Alex’s journey through a high-stakes game of survival and deception. Merri Bright masterfully weaves together elements of suspense, mystery, and romance, creating a compelling narrative that will keep readers hooked until the very end.

“The Assassin’s Promise” is a must-read for fans of the genre, offering a gripping story filled with twists and turns that will leave readers eager for the next installment in the series. With its engaging plot and well-crafted characters, this book is sure to satisfy anyone looking for an enthralling and immersive reading experience.

The Queen’s Nest (The Lost Lines, #1.5)

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The Duchess’s Designs (The Lost Lines, #3.5)

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The Leviathan’s Debt (The Lost Lines, #4)

“The Leviathan’s Debt (The Lost Lines, #4)” by Merri Bright is a thrilling tale of adventure, danger, and magic. The story follows a young protagonist who discovers a hidden world filled with ancient secrets and powerful beings. As the protagonist delves deeper into this mysterious realm, they must navigate treacherous landscapes and face daunting challenges in order to uncover the truth about their own lineage and destiny.

The book is filled with vivid descriptions and imaginative world-building, creating a rich and immersive reading experience. As the protagonist encounters mythical creatures and formidable adversaries, they must rely on their wits and courage to survive and ultimately fulfill their quest. Along the way, they forge unlikely alliances and uncover surprising revelations that will change the course of their journey and the fate of the world they inhabit.

Merri Bright’s masterful storytelling and dynamic characters make “The Leviathan’s Debt” a captivating read for fans of fantasy and adventure. The novel seamlessly blends elements of magic, mythology, and coming-of-age themes, offering a compelling narrative that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. With its combination of high-stakes action, gripping suspense, and heartfelt emotion, “The Leviathan’s Debt” is a must-read for anyone seeking an epic and unforgettable literary adventure.

Biography Merri Bright

Once upon a time, Merri Bright was an avid reader of romance novels, often prioritizing love stories over her school lessons. Now, she has turned her love for these books into a career as a romance writer, exploring the world of naughty angels, misunderstood demons, sexy shifters, growly Alpha males, and dragons. With a cup of cinnamon tea in hand, she believes in the power of naps, kitten cuddles, and long walks with her dog while she writes. You can follow Merri’s socially awkward adventures on her Facebook and Instagram @merribright, or reach out to her via email at

Author Merri Bright

In conclusion, Merri Bright’s books offer a valuable exploration of societal issues and moral lessons that resonate with readers of all ages. Through her compelling storytelling and relatable characters, Bright addresses themes of empathy, courage, and resilience, delivering powerful messages about the importance of kindness, understanding, and the potential for positive change in the world. Her thought-provoking narratives invite readers to reflect on their own beliefs and actions, while encouraging them to strive for a more compassionate and inclusive society. Overall, Merri Bright’s books offer an insightful and inspiring perspective on the complexities of human nature and the pursuit of goodness.

FAQs about author Merri Bright

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